57 Facts About Peter Forsberg


Peter Mattias Forsberg is a Swedish former professional ice hockey player and former assistant general manager of Modo Hockey.

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In 2017 Forsberg was named one of the '100 Greatest NHL Players' in history.

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Peter Forsberg won four gold medals with Sweden in his career, winning titles at the 1992 and 1998 World Championships and the 1994 and 2006 Winter Olympics.

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Peter Forsberg was born in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden, the son of Kent Forsberg, a former coach of Modo Hockey and the Swedish national team.

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Peter Forsberg was coached by his father for a significant part of his career: the two teamed up from 1991 to 1994 with Modo and later for the national team in the 1996 World Cup, 1998 Olympics and 1998 World Championship, which Sweden won.

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Peter Forsberg played minor hockey alongside boyhood friend Markus Naslund, who was born in Ornskoldsvik.

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Peter Forsberg debuted in 1990 with the junior squad of Modo Hockey, the club in his hometown Ornskoldsvik.

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Peter Forsberg was drafted first overall by the Quebec Nordiques but refused to sign a contract and, on advice from his mother, began a holdout that lasted over a year.

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Peter Forsberg was included in a deal that sent five players, two first-round draft picks, and US$15 million to the Quebec Nordiques in exchange for Lindros.

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Peter Forsberg remained in Sweden, playing for Modo for the following three years.

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In 1993, the team was eliminated in the playoffs quarterfinals against Malmo, but Peter Forsberg won the Guldpucken for Player of the Year and the Guldhjalmen for Most Valuable Player of the Elitserien, an award decided by the players.

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Peter Forsberg won both prizes again in 1994 when, after barely making the playoffs, he led his team to their first final since winning the Elitserien playoffs in 1979.

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However, a lockout delayed his NHL debut until 1995, and Peter Forsberg returned to Modo to play 11 more games before going back to North America.

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That day, Peter Forsberg made his NHL debut against the Philadelphia Flyers, the team that drafted him, and recorded his first NHL assist.

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Peter Forsberg scored 50 points in 47 games, including a 14-game run in which he scored 26 points, and was second in scoring on the Nordiques, behind Joe Sakic.

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Peter Forsberg was on a team that included center and captain Joe Sakic, defenceman Adam Foote and, in the near future, Vezina and Conn Smythe Trophy winner Patrick Roy.

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Peter Forsberg scored 116 points in the regular season and 21 more in the playoffs.

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Peter Forsberg finished second in points on the team and fifth overall in the league in the regular and post-season.

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On March 16,1997, Peter Forsberg participated in the only fight of his NHL career against Detroit Red Wings winger Martin Lapointe.

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Peter Forsberg returned for the playoffs, though, and he again led the playoffs in scoring with 27 points, but his team lost to the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference finals.

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Peter Forsberg scored 39 points and tied for eighth in the league scoring race.

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Peter Forsberg scored two assists in his first game and 12 in his first six.

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On 14 September 2006, Peter Forsberg became the 15th captain in Flyers history, replacing Derian Hatcher.

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The Predators' last regular season game was at Colorado, and Peter Forsberg returned to Denver for the first time since leaving the Avalanche.

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Peter Forsberg had an average of less than one point per game in the regular season for the first time in his career and for the second time in the playoffs.

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Peter Forsberg had surgery on his foot and was waiting to see if he was in condition to play.

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Peter Forsberg said that in Europe, he would only play for Modo Hockey, and in the NHL he would probably play for one of his former three clubs.

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Peter Forsberg played two seasons with Modo from 2008 to 2010, being joined by countryman Markus Naslund in the second year.

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On 14 August 2010, Peter Forsberg announced he was not optimistic about returning to hockey, hinting he may retire.

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On 21 January 2011, it was announced that Peter Forsberg had begun training with the Colorado Avalanche in an attempt to make a comeback in the NHL.

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Peter Forsberg was in the starting lineup at left wing, a departure from his natural center, with 2001 Stanley Cup-winning teammate Milan Hejduk, as well as Matt Duchene.

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The Avalanche's official website stated that Peter Forsberg would hold a press conference later that day, formally announcing his retirement.

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On 20 April 2011, nearly two weeks after a dramatic but successful end of the 2011 Kvalserien for Modo Hockey, Peter Forsberg was named an assistant general manager of the Modo organization, working under long-time friend Markus Naslund.

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On 26 February 2015, Peter Forsberg had his number officially retired prior to a Modo game at the Fjallraven Center in his native Ornskoldsvik.

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Peter Forsberg was an early investor in Crocs, and is a partial owner in the airline Nextjet.

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Peter Forsberg co-funded the Modo Hockey team's new Swedbank Arena in Ornskoldsvik.

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Independently of his father, Peter Forsberg owned Pforce AB, a company that imported and marketed Crocs shoes in his native Sweden since 2005.

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Peter Forsberg is interested in harness racing, and owns or has owned a few racing horses during the years, including Tsar d' Inverne and Adrian Chip.

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Peter Forsberg has invested money in a golf course named Veckefjardens Golf Club in his native Ornskoldsvik.

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Peter Forsberg competed with Sweden's under-18 team at the 1991 European Junior Championships.

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Peter Forsberg led the tournament in scoring with 17 points over six games as Sweden failed to defend their gold medal from the previous year.

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Peter Forsberg scored 11 points in seven games as Sweden won the silver medal.

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Several months later, Peter Forsberg debuted with the Swedish men's team at the 1992 World Championships.

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Peter Forsberg recorded a goal and an assist over eight games, helping Sweden to a gold medal.

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Peter Forsberg set a tournament record 24 assists and 31 points over seven games.

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Peter Forsberg earned nearly a third of his points with a ten-point performance against Japan, which set a single-game tournament record.

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An image of Peter Forsberg scoring this goal was later placed on a Swedish postage stamp, making him the first hockey player to be placed on a Swedish stamp.

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Peter Forsberg's famous move on Canadian goaltender Corey Hirsch has become so iconic in hockey that efforts to reproduce it inevitably draw references to Peter Forsberg from hockey commentators.

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In October 1997, it was announced that Peter Forsberg would be playing for the Swedish national team in the Karjala Cup, though he was forced to withdraw from the team after just one practice session after experiencing continued problems with his foot.

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Peter Forsberg recorded five points over four games as Sweden finished without a medal at fifth place.

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In November 1999, Peter Forsberg played for Sweden in the Karjala Cup, a tournament that included his 100th game for the Swedish national team against Russia on 7 November.

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Peter Forsberg scored nine points in eight games to help Sweden to a silver medal.

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Peter Forsberg was named Sweden's flag bearer for the opening ceremonies.

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Two years removed from NHL competition, Peter Forsberg played a lesser role with the Swedish team and recorded an assist over four games.

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Peter Forsberg missed an extra 10 games due to shoulder injuries, a concussion and a hip pointer.

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In January 2002, the Colorado Avalanche held a press conference but instead of announcing the expected return of Peter Forsberg, announced that he had been submitted to reconstructive surgery on the peroneal tendons of his left foot.

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In late 2010, Peter Forsberg became engaged to fellow Swede Nicole Nordin in Paris.

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