15 Facts About Porvoo


Porvoo is a city and a municipality in the Uusimaa region of Finland, situated on the southern coast about 35 kilometres east of the city border of Helsinki and about 50 kilometres from the city centre.

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Porvoo was one of the six medieval towns of Finland, along with Turku, Ulvila, Rauma, Naantali and Vyborg.

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Porvoo is the seat of the Swedish-speaking Diocese of Borga of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

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Porvoo was briefly the capital of the former Eastern Uusimaa region.

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Porvoo Old Town is a popular tourist destination, known for its well-preserved 18th- and 19th-century buildings, and the 15th-century Porvoo Cathedral.

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Municipalities neighbouring Porvoo are Askola, Loviisa, Myrskyla, Pornainen, and Sipoo; and the sub-region maintained by Porvoo includes Askola, Myrskyla and Pukkila.

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The name Porvoo is the Fennicised version of the Swedish name, which is derived from, meaning "castle" and, "river".

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In circa 1380, Porvoo became the third town in Finland to be granted official town rights, after Turku in 1229 and Ulvila in 1365.

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The Diet of Porvoo in 1809 was a landmark in the History of Finland.

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In 1923, six years after Finland's independence, the former Diocese of Vyborg, which operated in Porvoo, was replaced by a current Swedish-speaking diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, the Diocese of Porvoo.

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In 2014, the largest employers in Porvoo were Neste, Borealis Polymers, Ensto, Viessman Refrigeration Systems, Varuboden-Osla and Bilfinger Industrial Services Finland .

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The Porvoo region ranked fourth after Vaasa, Helsinki and Tampere.

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Porvoo is known for its local confectionery and ice cream factories, the most notable being the Brunberg Chocolate Factory and the Old Porvoo Ice Cream Factory .

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Porvoo is on the route of the E18 road from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg, and the Porvoo Highway along that route is one of the most important transport connections to Helsinki.

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In Porvoo River, on the eastern bank of the river right in the city center, there is a guest marina.

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