26 Facts About Professional wrestling


Professional wrestling is a form of theater which revolves around staged wrestling matches.

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Professional wrestling became very popular while authentic wrestling became a marginal sport.

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Shows produced by some of the largest professional wrestling organizations are traditionally performed at indoor venues in front of live audience, and are video recorded for live or delayed broadcasting.

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Whereas Greco-Roman Professional wrestling matches were long and slow-paced, many fans found the shorter, faster-paced matches of catch Professional wrestling more exciting to watch.

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In 1989, Vince McMahon testified before the New Jersey Athletic Commission that professional wrestling is not a competitive sport and that its matches have predetermined outcomes.

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Professional wrestling did this to have the World Wrestling Federation exempted from sports licensing fees.

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Pro Professional wrestling was instrumental in making pay-per-view a viable method of content delivery.

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Home video sales dominate the Billboard charts Recreational Sports DVD sales, with Professional wrestling holding anywhere from 3 to 9 of the top 10 spots every week.

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The vast majority of events in professional wrestling are preplanned and improvised within accepted boundaries.

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Gradually, the predetermined nature of professional wrestling became an open secret, as prominent figures in the wrestling business began to publicly admit that wrestling was entertainment, not competition.

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British Professional wrestling matches held under Admiral-Lord Mountevans rules consist of six three minute rounds, with a thirty second break between each round and can either be 2-Out-of-3 Falls or the wrestler with the most falls wins at the end of the final round.

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Sometimes non-Professional wrestling vignettes are shown to enhance a character's image without the need for matches.

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Main part of the story-telling part of Professional wrestling is a promo, short for promotional interview.

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Almost all professional wrestling promotions have one major title, and some have more.

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The WWE has another provision where a standard cage match can end with one wrestler or Professional wrestling team escaping the cage through the door or over the top.

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Women's division of professional wrestling has maintained a recognized world champion since 1937, when Mildred Burke won the original World Women's title.

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Professional wrestling's then formed the World Women's Wrestling Association in the early 1950s and recognized herself as the first champion, although the championship would be vacated upon her retirement in 1956.

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Midget wrestling can be traced to professional wrestling's carnival and vaudeville origins.

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In recent years, the popularity and prevalence of midgets in Professional wrestling has greatly decreased due to Professional wrestling companies depriving midget divisions of storyline or feud.

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Professional wrestling has developed its own cultures, both internal and external.

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Those involved in producing professional wrestling have developed a kind of global fraternity, with familial bonds, shared language and passed-down traditions.

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Fans of professional wrestling have their own subculture, comparable to those of science fiction, video games, or comic books.

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Professional wrestling is often portrayed within other works using parody, and its general elements have become familiar tropes and memes in American culture.

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At least two stage plays set in the world of pro Professional wrestling have been produced: The Baron is a comedy that retells the life of an actual performer known as Baron von Raschke.

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The French theorist Roland Barthes was among the first to propose that Professional wrestling was worthy of deeper analysis, in his essay "The World of Wrestling" from his book Mythologies, first published in 1957.

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Pro Professional wrestling has been featured several times on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

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