15 Facts About Regnery Publishing


Regnery Publishing is a politically conservative book publisher based in Washington, D C The company was founded by Henry Regnery in 1947, and is a division of radio broadcaster Salem Media Group.

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Regnery Publishing has existed as a series of companies associated with Henry Regnery.

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Regnery Publishing published the pamphlets and some books under the name Human Events Associates in 1946.

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Regnery Publishing began publishing under his own name in September 1947.

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The first book published by the Henry Regnery Publishing Company was by socialist Victor Gollancz, who ran the Left Book Club in Britain.

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Regnery Publishing published some of the first and most important books of the postwar American conservative movement.

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In 1951, Regnery published God and Man at Yale, the first book written by William F Buckley, Jr.

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At that time, Regnery had a close affiliation with the University of Chicago and published classics for the Great Books series at the University, but he lost the contract as a result of publishing Buckley's book.

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In 1953, Regnery published The Conservative Mind, a seminal book for post-World War II American conservatism, as well as books by Albert Jay Nock, James J Kilpatrick, James Burnham and Whittaker Chambers.

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Regnery Publishing published paperback editions of literary works by authors such as novelist Wyndham Lewis and the poets T S Eliot and Ezra Pound.

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In 1954, Regnery published McCarthy and His Enemies by William F Buckley and L Brent Bozell Jr.

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In 1954, Regnery published Welch's biography of John Birch, an American Baptist missionary in China who was killed by Chinese Communists after he became a U S intelligence officer in World War II.

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The original Henry Regnery Publishing Company remained in Chicago and was renamed Contemporary Books.

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In 1993, the Regnery family sold the publishing company to Phillips Publishing International, which put the book publishing company into its Eagle Publishing subsidiary, which published the weekly Human Events.

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In January 2014, Regnery was acquired along with other Eagle Publishing properties by Salem Communications.

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