19 Facts About Reliance Industries


Reliance Industries Limited is an Indian multinational conglomerate company, headquartered in Mumbai.

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Reliance Industries is one of the most profitable companies in India, the largest publicly traded company in India by market capitalisation, and the largest company in India as measured by revenue.

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Reliance Industries became the first Indian company to cross 100 billion dollars in revenues.

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In 1993, Reliance Industries turned to the overseas capital markets for funds through a global depository issue of Reliance Industries Petroleum.

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In 2002, Reliance Industries announced India's biggest gas discovery in nearly three decades and one of the largest gas discoveries in the world during 2002.

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In 2006, Reliance Industries entered the organised retail market in India with the launch of its retail store format under the brand name of 'Reliance Industries Fresh'.

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In 2010, Reliance Industries entered the broadband services market with acquisition of Infotel Broadband Services Limited, which was the only successful bidder for pan-India fourth-generation spectrum auction held by the government of India.

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Reliance Industries formed a 50:50 joint venture with BP for sourcing and marketing of gas in India.

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Reliance Industries Logistics is a single-window company selling transportation, distribution, warehousing, logistics, and supply chain-related products.

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Reliance Industries Logistics is an asset based company with its own fleet and infrastructure.

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Reliance Industries Industrial Infrastructure Limited is an associate company of RIL.

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Reliance Industries's name was changed to CPPL Limited in September 1992, and thereafter to its present name, Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited, in March 1994.

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Reliance Industries is engaged in related activities involving leasing and providing services connected with computer software and data processing.

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Reliance Industries set up a 200-millimetre diameter twin pipeline system that connects the Bharat Petroleum refinery at Mahul, Maharashtra, to Reliance's petrochemical complex at Patalganga, Maharashtra.

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Reliance Industries said that the differences "are in the private domain".

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Five main allegations concerning Reliance Industries, which have plunged the Indian capital markets into a period of uncertainty unsurpassed since the days of the securities scam were:.

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Business jet owned by Reliance Industries was grounded by The Directorate General of Civil Aviation on 22 March 2014 during a surprise inspection, for carrying expired safety equipment on board; its pilot was suspended for flying without a license.

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In February 2022, Reliance Industries terminated the leases of hundreds of Future Retail locations, the next largest retail chain in India, and took possession of those brick-and-mortar shops.

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Reliance Industries's possessions came after rounds of legal wrangling, including a 2020 arbitration in Singapore and an antitrust review by the Competition Commission of India.

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