14 Facts About Romford


Romford is a large town in East London and the administrative centre of the London Borough of Havering.

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Romford'storically, Romford was a market town in the county of Essex, and it formed the administrative centre of the liberty of Havering before that liberty was dissolved in 1892.

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The economic history of Romford is characterised by a shift from agriculture to light industry and then to retail and commerce.

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Romford was part of Essex until 1965, when it became part of Greater London.

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Romford is first recorded in 1177 as Romfort, which is formed from Old English 'rum' and 'ford' and means "the wide or spacious ford".

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Romford formed a chapelry in the large ancient parish of Hornchurch in the Becontree hundred of Essex; as well as the town it included the wards of Collier Row, Harold Wood, and Noak Hill.

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Over time the vestry of Romford chapelry absorbed the local powers that would usually be held by the parish authorities in Hornchurch and in 1849 Romford became a separate parish within the liberty.

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Romford is home to the Romford and Gidea Park Rugby Football Club, which was established in 1927.

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Romford has formed part of the continuously built-up area of London since the 1930s and is contiguous with Rush Green to the west, Collier Row to the north, Gidea Park to the east and Hornchurch to the south east.

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Neighbourhoods of Romford include: Collier Row, Gidea Park, Harold Hill, Harold Park, Harold Wood, Havering-atte-Bower, Rise Park and Rush Green.

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Romford is located 14 miles north-east of Charing Cross in central London; 4.

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Romford is recognised in the London Plan as one of 13 regionally significant metropolitan centres in Greater London, with a considerable catchment area.

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Romford is a hub of the London Buses network with services to Canning Town, Stratford, Leytonstone and Dagenham as well as feeder services from the large housing developments at Collier Row and Harold Hill.

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The town is strongly associated with the electronic music group Underworld, who cite Romford in their hit "Born Slippy", affiliated to the movie Trainspotting.

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