49 Facts About Ronald Perelman


Ronald Owen Perelman is an American banker, businessman and investor.


Ronald Perelman previously owned a majority of shares in AM General, but in 2020 sold the majority of his shares in AM General along with significant works of art, in light of the impact of the economy on the high debt burdens many of his companies have from leveraged buyouts.


Previously worth $19.8 billion in 2018, Ronald Perelman is, as of September 2020, worth $4.3 billion.


Ronald Perelman was raised in a Jewish family in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, and is the grandson of Litvak immigrants.


Ronald Perelman graduated from The Haverford School in Haverford, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania in 1962.


Ronald Perelman first attended the Villanova School of Business for one semester before transferring to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in business.


In 1978, twelve years after Ronald Perelman formally joined Belmont Industries, he was the vice president but he still strove for more power and influence in the company.

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Ronald Perelman orchestrated the purchase of Cohen-Hatfield Jewelers in 1978, his first deal as an independent investor free of his father's influence and took a loan from his wife, Faith Golding.


Ronald Perelman faced resistance from the management and investors who filed an unsuccessful lawsuit to prevent the acquisition, but Perelman prevailed.


Ronald Perelman's controlling buyout of Compact Video was in 1986.


In 1989, Ronald Perelman acquired New World Entertainment with Four Star becoming a division of New World as part of the transaction.


In 1989, one of the company's holdings was Marvel Comics, which under Ronald Perelman's watch declared bankruptcy; he sold off Marvel in 1997.


Ronald Perelman has done deals with Revlon Corporation, thrifts for $315 million and renamed it First Gibraltar Bank, Coleman Company, Sunbeam Products, and New World Entertainment.


On February 17,2005, Ronald Perelman filed a lawsuit against Morgan Stanley.


Hobbled, Morgan Stanley had no choice but to argue that Ronald Perelman was too savvy an investor to have fallen for their transparent tricks.


The damages stung particularly because Morgan Stanley passed up Ronald Perelman's offer to settle the case for $20 million.


The judges declared Ronald Perelman hadn't provided any evidence showing he'd suffered any actual damage as a result of Morgan Stanley's actions.


Undeterred even after that setback, Ronald Perelman went back to the trial court and asked for the case to be reopened because the hiding of email evidence was "a classic example of fraud on the court".


Bloomberg reported on September 18,2020, that Ronald Perelman had sold his Gulfstream 650, as well as his 257-foot yacht.


Ronald Perelman was a funder of the election campaign of Donald Trump, giving US$125,000 to Trump Victory in September 2017.


In 2015, Ronald Perelman donated $500,000 each to Super PACs supporting the presidential candidacies of Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush.


From 2006 through 2008, Ronald Perelman donated $63.5 million to causes including, but not limited to: Weill Medical College of Cornell University, Stand Up to Cancer, World Trade Center Memorial Fund and Ford's Theatre, Carnegie Hall and the World Trade Center Memorial.


Ronald Perelman serves as a member of the board of directors of the Police Athletic League of New York City, a nonprofit youth development agency serving inner-city children and teenagers.


In May 2015, Perelman succeeded Sanford I Weill as Chairman of Carnegie Hall.


Ronald Perelman insists he seriously intended to buy every corporation he bought into.

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Ronald Perelman decided to sell his share to Ralston Purina, but before he did so Gillette's executives called him up, asking if he'd sell his shares to them and they'd sell the shares to Ralston Purina.


Ronald Perelman sold his shares to Gillette and Ralston backed out of the deal.


Ronald Perelman insisted the deal was an excellent one and in the best interest of the shareholders because Panavision was well-positioned to profit from the move to digital cinematography.


Ronald Perelman hired Fred Tepperman as his CFO after Tepperman left Warner Communications in 1985.


Tepperman's tenure came to an abrupt end just after Christmas in 1991 when Ronald Perelman fired him for being derelict in his duties.


Ronald Perelman was quick to file a countersuit for fraud, claiming that Tepperman had sneakily changed the company's retirement plan in such a way that Tepperman would personally gain millions of dollars.


Ronald Perelman married Sterling Bank heiress Faith Golding in 1965 and they divorced in 1984.


Ronald Perelman married socialite Patricia Duff in 1995 and divorced in 1996.


Ronald Perelman was married to actress Ellen Barkin from 2000 to 2006.


On October 13,2010, Ronald Perelman married Dr Anna Chapman, a Harvard University-educated psychiatrist.


Ronald Perelman met his first wife, Faith Golding, in 1965 on a cruise to Israel.


Ronald Perelman responded by hiring Roy Cohn and flatly denying all her allegations.


Ronald Perelman met his second wife, Claudia Cohen, in 1984 at Le Cirque.


Ronald Perelman revealed in his eulogy at her funeral that he had known about her cancer from the beginning and privately commissioned a vaccine in his efforts to cure her.


Ronald Perelman donated $20 million to the University of Pennsylvania to remodel what is Perelman Quadrangle and, as part of that donation, had the option of renaming Logan Hall.


Ronald Perelman gave birth to his fourth daughter, Caleigh Sophia, before the wedding took place.


The court psychiatrist found Duff to be paranoid and narcissistic and Ronald Perelman to have serious anger management issues, Ronald Perelman caught a great deal of flak for testifying that it cost about $3 a day to feed his daughter, and both sides alleged physical abuse by the other party.


Ronald Perelman is Caleigh's legal guardian, but Patricia has extensive visitation rights.


Ronald Perelman met his fourth wife, actress Ellen Barkin, at a Vanity Fair Oscar after-party in 1999.


Part of the divorce settlement required Ronald Perelman to invest several million dollars in a film production company Barkin and her brother George had started.

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Ronald Perelman made only one of the payments, claiming that there was no evidence the two were actually producing films.


Barkin sued for her money while Ronald Perelman counter-sued, alleging Barkin and her brother had looted the film company for themselves.


Ronald Perelman had a religious reawakening at the age of eighteen while on a family trip to Israel:.


Ronald Perelman is the owner of "Pres Choisis", a 40-room Mediterranean-style villa on Georgica Pond in East Hampton, Long Island.