21 Facts About Ross Hunter


Ross Hunter was born on Martin Terry Fuss; May 6,1916 or 1920 – March 10,1996 and was an American film and television producer and actor.

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Ross Hunter'sbirth year is unclear, with sources indicating that he was born between 1916 and 1926, and even 1929.

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Ross Hunter had support parts in Ever Since Venus and She's a Sweetheart and was promoted to star for A Guy, a Gal and a Pal, directed by Budd Boetticher.

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Ross Hunter'scareer stalled in part because he was stricken with penicillin poisoning.

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Ross Hunter missed working in films and decided to return to the business and focus on film production.

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Ross Hunter was dialogue director in The Jackie Robinson Story, for Eagle-Lion Films.

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Breakthrough film of Ross Hunter's career was the 1954 film remake of the 1935 film Magnificent Obsession, starring Rock Hudson and Jane Wyman and directed by Sirk.

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Ross Hunter produced a film noir with Sterling Hayden, Naked Alibi ; and a Western with Lex Barker, The Yellow Mountain .

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Ross Hunter stepped in at the last minute to produce a "northern", The Spoilers, another remake, with Jeff Chandler and Anne Baxter.

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Ross Hunter hit big in 1959 with Imitation of Life and Pillow Talk.

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Ross Hunter followed these with two mystery melodramas, both written by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts: Portrait in Black, starring Turner, Anthony Quinn, Dee and Saxon; and Midnight Lace starring Day, Rex Harrison and Gavin.

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Ross Hunter produced a sequel to Tammy, Tammy Tell Me True, with Dee replacing Reynolds in the title role, and Gavin as the male lead.

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Ross Hunter produced a popular adaptation of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Flower Drum Song .

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In 1962 Ross Hunter announced he had six films coming up: If a Man Answers, a new Tammy, remakes of Dark Angel and Madam X, The Thrill of It All and The Chalk Garden.

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Ross Hunter produced a hugely popular comedy with Day and James Garner, The Thrill of It All, directed by Norman Jewison.

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Ross Hunter did a lower budgeted comedy without stars, The Pad and How to Use It, from a play by Peter Shaffer but it was little seen.

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However, Ross Hunter had a falling out with Universal, and left the studio after almost two decades.

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Ross Hunter went to Columbia where he produced the musical remake of the 1937 film Lost Horizon.

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In 1975, Ross Hunter was hired by Paramount Pictures to produce for television.

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Ross Hunter'sfirst produced film for them was The Lives of Jenny Dolan with Shirley Jones.

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Ross Hunter died of cancer at the Century City Hospital in Los Angeles on March 10,1996.

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