9 Facts About Rufus Hound

1. In April 2007, Rufus Hound was married at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, to Beth Johnson, whom he had met at the Reading Festival the year before.

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2. In May 2017, Rufus Hound wrote a series of Tweets concerning the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing in which he implied the attack was a false flag attack, designed to help the Conservative Party in the upcoming general election, likening it to the German Reichstag fire of 1933.

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3. In August 2015, Rufus Hound endorsed Jeremy Corbyn's campaign in the Labour Party leadership election.

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4. In 2014, Rufus Hound played the role of Freddie in the West End production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels after out-of-town tryouts in Manchester and Aylesbury.

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5. In 2016, Rufus Hound played the part of Duncan in the sixth series of the Sky 1 sitcom Trollied.

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6. In 2012, Rufus Hound was a team captain for Mad Mad World.

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7. In January 2011, Rufus Hound participated in the former Channel 4 reality series Famous and Fearless.

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8. In late summer 2008, Rufus Hound joined the panel show Argumental as the Blue Team Captain.

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9. In early 2008, Rufus Hound appeared twice on ITV's Thank God You're Here in the UK, after initially working as the warm-up act.

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