25 Facts About Ryder


Ryder System, Inc, commonly known as Ryder, is an American transportation and logistics company.

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Ryder specializes in fleet management, supply chain management, and transportation management.

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Ryder was founded in Miami, Florida in 1933 by James Ryder as a concrete hauling company with one truck, a 1931 Model "A" Ford.

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In 1938, Ryder signed a five-truck lease deal with Champagne Velvet Beer, increasing Ryder's fleet to 20 trucks.

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In 2008, Ryder acquired three regional competitors: Pollock NationaLease, Lily Transportation and Gator Leasing.

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Ryder opened a new logistics center in London, Ontario, Canada in January 2018.

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In January 2022, Ryder completed the acquisition of Whiplash for approximately $480 million in cash.

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In December 2016 Ryder became the exclusive provider of maintenance and distribution for the hydrogen fuel cell, electric-drive truck of the Nikola Motor Company .

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Ryder is considering the adoption of more electric vehicles when there is more evidence that the company will spend less on truck maintenance.

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Ryder is examining electric engines in driving situations in which gasoline and diesel engines are less efficient.

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In 2018 Ryder reserved 500 Chanje Energy medium-duty electric panel vans for commercial truck rental and the ChoideLease fleet.

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Ryder is the exclusive maintenance provider for Workhorse's electric fleet in North America.

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In January 2020 Ryder began a partnership with In-Charge Energy, Inc and ABB, a provider of industrial automation and technology to provide electric vehicle charging to Ryder's customers.

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In June 2020 Ryder began a partnership with Turvo, a provider of collaborative logistics software to launch a digital platform to connect various pieces of the supply chain.

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Ryder appointed John Diez to be its new executive VP and chief financial officer in May 2021, taking over from Scott Parker.

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Under full-service leasing Ryder owns and maintains the trucks and the customer decides where they go.

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In December 2010 Ryder bought TLC, a supply chain services company based in Holland, Michigan.

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In 2013, Ryder launched a new name and identity for this program called Ryder Dedicated.

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Ryder expanded its Last Mile Delivery service for bulky and large goods to 11 markets in North America.

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In February 2019 Ryder launched a program for e-commerce that allows manufacturers to ship directly to consumers instead of using third-party shipping for small to large products.

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In 1996, Ryder decided to focus on commercial truck rental and leasing, and exited the "one-way" business arena; which it was purchased by equity firm Questor Partners Fund LP, who later sold it to Budget Truck Rental in June 1998.

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In 2017 Ryder launched electric truck rentals in California, and Chicago, Illinois.

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Ryder's headquarters are located in an unincorporated area in northwest Miami-Dade County, Florida, near the Miami Dade-County, Broward County boundary line.

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In 2002, after taking a year-long study of 22 potential headquarters sites in South Florida, Ryder announced that it would move its headquarters to another location in northwest Miami-Dade County.

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Ryder has a Shared Services Center in Alpharetta, GA that employs over 500 people and provides support to all FMS operations.

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