16 Facts About Shahbag


Shahbag is the location of the nation's leading educational and public institutions, including the University of Dhaka, the oldest and largest public university in Bangladesh, Dhaka Medical College, the largest medical college in the country, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, and the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, the largest public university for technological studies in the country.

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Since Bangladesh achieved independence in 1971, the Shahbag area has become a venue for celebrating major festivals, such as the Bengali New Year and Basanta Utsab.

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In 1830, the Ramna area, which included Shahbag, was incorporated into Dhaka city consequent to the deliberations of the Dacca Committee founded by district collector Henry Walters.

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On 7 March 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman chose the Ramna Racecourse near Shahbag to deliver his speech calling for an independent Bangladesh.

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Shahbag is part of the 181st electoral district of Bangladesh: Dhaka 8.

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The 2013 Shahbag protests have influenced national politics, and has been called 'Projonmo Chattar'.

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Shahbag neighbourhood covers a large approximately rectangular area, extending on the east from Ramna Park to the Supreme Court of Bangladesh; on the west as far as Sonargaon Road; on the south as far as Fuller Road and from the University of Dhaka to the Suhrawardy Udyan ; and on the north as far as Minto Road, Hotel Sheraton and the Diabetic Hospital.

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Shahbag is home to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Control Room as well as a Dhaka Electric Supply Authority substation.

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The Shahbag Intersection is one of the major public transportation hubs in Dhaka, along with Farmgate, Gulistan, Mohakhali, and Maghbazar.

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The thoroughfares of Shahbag has been made free of cycle-rickshaws, the traditional transport of Dhaka.

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Also located in Shahbag are several mansions built by Dhaka Nawab Family in the 19th century.

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Shahbag is populated by mostly teachers and students, and its civic life is dominated by the activities of its academic institutions.

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Shahbag is home to the largest flower market in the country, which is located at Shahbag Intersection, as well as the largest pet market in the country, the Katabon Market.

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Shahbag was at the centre of the cultural and political activities associated with the Language movement of 1952, which resulted in the founding here of the Bangla Academy, a national academy for promoting the Bengali language.

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Since 1875, the Shahbag gardens have hosted a famous fair celebrating the Gregorian New Year and containing exhibits of agricultural and industrial items, as well as those of animals and birds.

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Historically, Shahbag was the main venue in Dhaka for other recreational sports like Boli Khela and horse racing.

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