12 Facts About Simon Diaz


Simon Narciso Diaz Marquez was a Venezuelan singer and Grammy Award-winning composer of Venezuelan music.

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Simon Diaz endeavored to recover the folklore and musical traditions of the llanos, the Venezuelan plains.

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Many of Simon Diaz's works have been adapted by symphonies and choral ensembles throughout Venezuela, as well as being incorporated into the orchestral and choral arrangements of conductors and composers of academic music.

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Simon Diaz had the leading role in three plays, and in films like El Reportero and Isla de sal; has produced and hosted 12 different TV shows, all of them devised to promote Venezuelan music.

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One of these shows, Contesta por Tio Simon Diaz, was devoted to teaching popular culture to children.

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Simon Diaz had a daily radio show for twenty-five years which focused on folklore and Venezuelan music.

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Simon Diaz has recorded over 70 records and CDs and has made innumerable performances throughout his career.

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Simon Diaz is the musical author of "Caballo viejo", lyric of Angel Eduardo Acevedo, which was recorded by the Gipsy Kings as the hit song "Bamboleo".

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Simon Diaz's compositions have been performed by artists such as Placido Domingo, Ray Conniff, Julio Iglesias, Celia Cruz, Ruben Blades, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Gipsy Kings, Ivan Lins, Joyce, Cheo Feliciano, Juan Gabriel, Maria Dolores Pradera, Martirio, Tania Libertad, Ry Cooder and Devendra Banhart.

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Simon Diaz was awarded the highest recognition conferred by the Venezuelan state, "The Great Ribbon of the Liberator's Order".

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Simon Diaz was given honorary doctorate degrees by two major Venezuelan universities, Simon Rodriguez University and Zulia's Universidad Catolica Cecilio Acosta.

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Simon Diaz was awarded the 2008 Latin Recording Academy Trustees Award, presented by Venezuelan salsa singer Oscar D'Leon.

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