10 Facts About Sinistar


Sinistar is a 1983 multidirectional shooter arcade game developed and manufactured by Williams Electronics.

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The Sinistar has no weapons, but it destroys the player's ship on contact.

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Each Sinibomb automatically targets the Sinistar when fired, but can be intercepted by Workers, Warriors, and planetoids.

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Sinistar was the first game to use stereo sound, with two independent front and back sound boards for this purpose.

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Voice of Sinistar was recorded by radio personality John Doremus and played through an HC-55516 CVSD decoder.

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Sinistar was commercially available in the mid-1990s as part of Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits for the Super NES, Sega Genesis and Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows.

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Sinistar is part of Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits on the Game Boy Advance.

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Sinistar makes several appearances in the webcomic Bob the Angry Flower, and appears as the title of one of the print editions of the comic.

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Sinistar appears in the DVD version of the South Park episode trilogy "Imaginationland".

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Sinistar receives a large reference in chapters 30 and 31 of the Dresden Files book Ghost Story, a 2011 novel in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, during a recollection of a demonic battle from the protagonist's youth.

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