12 Facts About Sir John Conroy

1. Sir John Conroy was descended from Maoilin O Maolchonaire who was the last recognised Chief of the Sept.

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2. Sir John Conroy appears in numerous historical fiction novels about Queen Victoria.

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3. Sir John Conroy ultimately received £148,000 in gifts and money from Sophia.

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4. Sir John Conroy founded the Montgomery Regiment of Militia in 1849.

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5. On one trip Sir John Conroy was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Oxford.

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6. Sir John Conroy complained that the princess should not be surrounded by commoners, leading King George IV to appoint Conroy a Knight Commander of the Hanoverian Order and a Knight Bachelor that year.

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7. Early in his stay at Kensington Palace, Sir John Conroy made an effort to become close to Princess Sophia, an elderly sister of George IV who resided at the palace.

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8. Sir John Conroy retired from military service on half-pay in 1822.

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9. Sir John Conroy was appointed as an equerry in 1817, shortly before the Duke's marriage to Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.

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10. Sir John Conroy was promoted to Second Captain on 13 March 1811 and appointed adjutant in the Corps of Artillery Drivers on 11 March 1817.

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11. Sir John Conroy made his career during the Napoleonic Wars, though his ability to avoid battle attracted disdain from other officers.

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12. Sir John Conroy was one of six children born to John Ponsonby Conroy, Esq.

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