16 Facts About Spider-UK


Spider-UK is the name of two British alternate-reality superheroes appearing in American comic books published in Marvel Comics.

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Billy Braddock version of Spider-UK is introduced as a Spider-Man endling of the Captain Britain Corps from Earth-833, and eventual leader of the Web Warriors, while the Zarina Zahari version of Spider-UK is introduced as a British-based W H O gamer from Earth-834, who is recruited by Madame Web to protect the Spider-Verse.

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Spider-UK gets rebuffed by Saturnyne, but a sympathetic Roma gives him a talisman that allows him to travel through the web of life in order to save the remaining Spiders.

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Spider-UK was first seen having arrived in Earth-65 where he sees Spider-Woman as a possible recruit for the army of Spider-Men.

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Spider-UK later accompanies Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl of Earth-982, and Spider-Ham into meeting with Spider-Man and Silk.

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Spider-UK explains they are the Spiders of other dimensions and that all the strands of the Great Web are converging on Earth-616 Peter.

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Spider-UK tells him Morlun's elder brother Daemos is coming to Earth-616 and all of them head into a portal to another dimension.

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When on Earth-13, Spider-Man is told by Spider-UK and Earth-13's Spider-Man who never lost the Enigma Force that there is a war coming and that Spider-Man is the greatest Spider-Man of all.

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Spider-UK gets a reading on the second team and Old Man Spider-Man of Earth-4 says they need to act quickly to recruit them.

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When Morlun and his father Solus attack Earth-13, Spider-UK calls Spider-Man and tells him the Safe Zone is lost.

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Spider-UK became a sole survivor from Earth-833 after his home reality was destroyed during the Time Runs Out storyline and chose to remain in the reality of the defeated Inheritors along with Anya Corazon.

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Spider-UK and the other Spider-Men join Spider-Woman of Earth-65 and Arachnia's Spider-Man into defeating Norman Osborn and the Sinister Six.

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Spider-UK is among the Web Warriors that arrive on Earth-616 and take Miles to confront Superior Octopus.

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Billy Braddock version of Spider-UK has powers similar to Spider-Man which include sticking and climbing on walls, a sixth sense to danger–which he struggles with–and being able to lift approximately 10 tons.

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Spider-UK makes use of an inter-dimensional device that enables him to travel to different dimensions.

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Zarina Zahari version of Spider-UK can generate bio-electricity where she wears special earrings to keep her bio-electrical abilities in line.

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