36 Facts About Anya Corazon


Anya Sofia Corazon is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Anya Corazon is the Latina daughter of a Puerto Rican father and a Mexican mother.

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Anya Corazon was created by Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, writer Fiona Avery, and artist Mark Brooks, and is based on ideas J Michael Straczynski used in his run on The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Recently, Anya Corazon was one of the main characters in Marvel's Spider-Verse event, which led to a spinoff miniseries in Secret Wars, which she was included in.

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Anya Corazon was one of the stars in the team comic Web Warriors as a part of All-New, All-Different Marvel.

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Anya Corazon is later caught in a skirmish between two mystical clans, the Spider Society and the Sisterhood of the Wasp, and is mortally wounded.

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In place of equipment like web-shooters or spider tracers, Anya Corazon created her own modified bolas out of discs that are about the size of her palm and have eight red legs able to grip objects.

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Anya Corazon soon meets Amun who has enrolled at her school under the name Jon Kasiya.

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The encounter leaves Anya Corazon doubting her duty due to the danger it poses to her loved ones.

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Anya Corazon learns she had released "the Spirit of the Hunter" and warned not to do it again without Miguel with her.

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Miguel stops Anya Corazon from going after Jade alone with the promise that Anya Corazon can punish Jade afterwards.

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Jade hypnotizes Anya Corazon into fighting Miguel, but she eventually breaks free of the control and knocks Jade out.

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Anya Corazon accompanies the two to Stark Tower, where she forces herself into a meeting with Iron Man, and then on a mission to capture the Shroud and Arachne.

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Anya Corazon is deeply shaken by the ordeal and states that if being a hero means separating a mother from her child, she wants no part of it.

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Marvel asks Anya Corazon to go get help if she fails to make contact by a certain time.

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Anya Corazon manages to subdue Arachne, but chooses to accompany Ms.

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Anya Corazon gets into a fight with Gil for treating her like a child after Gil accuses her of seeing Ms.

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Anya Corazon tells Gil at least Carol is showing her how to grow up.

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Anya Corazon is later captured by Chilean soldiers who deliver her to the Puppet Master; she is added to a collection of female heroes that includes Stature, Dusk, Tigra, and Silverclaw.

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Marvel's team, Anya Corazon is partially subdued by Machine Man and Sleepwalker, and resists the Puppet Master's command that she kill Ms.

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Anya Corazon is captured along with Julia and Madame Web while Kaine is sacrificed as part of a ritual for Kraven the Hunter's resurrection.

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Anya Corazon was next seen teaming up with the new Nomad to investigate the Secret Empire.

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Anya Corazon joins the superhero group Young Allies along with her friend Rikki despite being depowered.

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Anya Corazon accepts the "Spider-Girl" moniker and begins operating solo, although she frequently interacts with her Young Allies teammates such as Rikki as well as Spider-Man and the Invisible Woman.

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Anya Corazon is eventually convinced that the Red Hulk did not kill Gil, but rather a target of the assassination attempt that killed her father.

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Anya Corazon eventually is able to stop the Raven Society organization that was behind Gil's death, and the intervening time shows that she made friends with Rocky Flint and fought Ana Kravinoff, the new Hobgoblin, and Screwball.

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Anya Corazon manages to escape, and works with Reptil to rescue the remaining captives.

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Anya Corazon ends up getting an unlikely ally in the Hobgoblin who then flies her to see the Kingpin.

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Anya Corazon gets everyone fighting the Wasps to temporarily assist the Wasps in fighting the spider invasion so the spiders cannot help Adriana Soria, allowing Spider-Man and the Avengers to defeat the Spider-Queen without being overrun by the spiders.

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Anya Corazon is part of the new class of students when the Avengers Academy moves to the West Coast Avengers' former headquarters.

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Anya Corazon's abilities were indispensable for the Spider-Army to discover the Inheritors' plan, as her powers and relationship with the Spider Society allowed her to read their scrolls.

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Anya Corazon had the ability to cling to walls, and to sprout a spider-like exoskeleton around her body which enhanced these abilities and protected her from damage.

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Anya Corazon invented spider-like grappling hooks, which she uses to swing from buildings and as whip-like weapons, though she has found these to be harder to use since losing her abilities.

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Anya Corazon submits to the mass cure, but retains her copy of these powers nonetheless.

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Anya Corazon refuses the proposal because she is worried that if she fights against Peter she will make the same decision he made.

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Anya Corazon later takes over Spider-Girl's body in an attempt to take down the Black Tarantula, but the two end up trapped in each other's bodies.

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