7 Facts About Take-Two Interactive

1. Similar to the situation in 2013, Take-Two Interactive started buying back around of its stock, predicated on similar expectations that Red Dead Redemption 2, to be released in October 2018, would similarly boost the company's profits as Grand Theft Auto V had done.

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2. In September 2008, Take-Two Interactive established an outsourcing agreement with Ditan Distribution LLC, at the time owned by Cinram, a Canadian manufacturer of optical media.

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3. Since the investor takeover in 2007, Take-Two Interactive has maintained its growth in the video game industry.

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4. In early January 2007, Take-Two Interactive relocated the headquarters for 2K Games and 2K Sports to Novato, California to 65,000 square feet of space at Hamilton Landing, an office park that had repurposed the former hanger structures from the Hamilton Army Airfield.

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5. In 2004, Take-Two Interactive had struct a deal with Sega to help publish these titles.

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6. In 2005, Take-Two Interactive began a host of acquisitions, spending more than buying game developers.

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7. In 2004, Take-Two Interactive paid to Infogrames for the rights to the Civilization series.

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