13 Facts About Tarumanagara


Tarumanagara or Taruma Kingdom or just Taruma is an early Sundanese Indianised kingdom, located in western Java, whose 5th-century ruler, Purnawarman, produced the earliest known inscriptions in Java, which are estimated to date from around 450 CE.

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Tarumanagara is believed to have existed between 358 and 669 CE in the Western Java region, in and around modern-day Bogor, Bekasi and Jakarta, which roughly corresponds to modern Greater Jakarta area.

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Tarumanagara reported that the Law of Buddha was not much known, but that the Brahmans flourished, and heretics too.

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Name Tarumanagara was found in several inscriptions in the Western Java region dated from circa 4th century.

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Tarumanagara died in 382 and was buried at the bank of Kali Gomati river .

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Book Nusantara, parwa II sarga 3 notes that under the reign of King Purnawarman, Tarumanagara held control over 48 small kingdoms with area stretching from Salakanagara or Rajatapura to Purwalingga .

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Tarumanagara left seven memorial stones with inscriptions bearing his name spread across current Banten and West Java provinces.

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Later series of Tarumanagara kings are only known from their names, all bears the name warman which suggests that all of them belongs in the same dynasty.

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Tarumanagara demanded King Tarusbawa to divide Tarumanagara territory into two parts.

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Unlike its successor; the Sunda kingdom that still remembered in Pantun Sunda; the oral tradition of local Sundanese‚ÄĒTarumanagara was completely forgotten among local population in West Java.

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Together with Kutai and Kalingga, Tarumanagara is remembered as a pioneer states that started the historical period of Indonesia.

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Tarumanagara is especially important as the historical identity for the city of Bekasi and its surrounding area, since local historians believe that the capital of Tarumanagara was located in or around the present day Bekasi city.

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Tarumanagara kingdom has become the name for Tarumanagara University, a private university based in Jakarta, established in 1959.

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