16 Facts About Jakarta

1. Jakarta is situated on the northwest coast of Java, at the mouth of the Ciliwung River on Jakarta Bay, an inlet of the Java Sea.

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2. Jakarta is the capital and most populous city of Indonesia.

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3. Jakarta is the most densely populated city in Southeast Asia and is currently the 12th largest city in the world.

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4. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and center of the country's politics and business.

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5. Jakarta is the largest and the capital city of Indonesia.

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6. Jakarta is located on the North West coast of the Indonesian Island, Java.

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7. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and the eleventh largest city of the world.

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8. Jakarta is the centre for many health facilities in Indonesia.

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9. Jakarta is served by several international airlines, by Garuda Indonesian Airways, and by other domestic airlines.

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10. Jakarta is Indonesia's busiest destination in terms of both tourism and commerce.

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11. The National Monument in Jakarta, designed by Sukarno, is Indonesia's beacon of nationalism.

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12. Jakarta is trying to attract more international tourist by MICE tourism, by arranging increasing numbers of conventions.

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13. The area in and around modern Jakarta was part of the 4th century Sundanese kingdom of Tarumanagara, one of the oldest Hindu kingdoms in Indonesia.

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14. Jakarta is an alpha world city and is the seat of the ASEAN secretariat, making it an important city for international diplomacy.

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15. Jakarta is nicknamed the Big Durian, the thorny strongly-odored fruit native to the region, as the city is seen as the Indonesian equivalent of New York.

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16. Jakarta is a huge megalopolis spread out over 290 square miles on the western side of Java Island.

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