18 Facts About Telcel


Telcel is a Mexican wireless telecommunications company, owned by America Movil.

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Telcel holds concessions to operate a wireless network in all nine geographic regions in Mexico using both the 850 megahertz and 1900 megahertz radio spectrum.

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Telcel provides services in AMPS, GSM, and TDMA, as well as the newer technologies of UMTS and WCDMA.

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Telcel offers voice services under a variety of rate plans to meet the needs of different market segments.

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Telcel believes the prepaid market represents a large and growing under-penetrated market in Mexico.

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Telcel offers several prepaid plans, none of which includes activation or monthly charges.

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Telcel is one of the most used phone companies from Latin America, its economy increased by 2.

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In 2004, Telcel began to offer push-to-talk services over go its GSM network, though the main push-to-talk provider in Mexico at that time, as well as in other countries, was NII Holdings.

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Telcel offers WAP including e-mail, data and information services and electronic commerce transactions.

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Telcel launched its WAP gateway in September 2000, enabling its prepaid and postpaid users in those regions to access e-mail, banking, and a variety of reservation and other types of electronic commerce services.

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Telcel offers international roaming services to subscribers as well as pre-paid users.

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Telcel has entered into approximately 385 such agreements covering GSM and TDMA D-AMPS networks around the world.

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Telcel offers international roaming services including special rates to subscribers roaming in the US border, the US, Canada and other markets.

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Telcel has consistently engaged in marketing and promotion efforts and customer service.

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Telcel launched its HSPA+ network in Mexico City and other major Mexican cities, by the end of 2011.

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Telcel is the second company in Latin America to promote a 4G service, but the other player in the market, Iusacell, uses simply HSPA+ instead of LTE.

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Telcel currently offers 4G LTE service in 9 Cities in Mexico.

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In 2012, Telcel is listed as a partner of the campaign, together with other brands such as Nike Inc, Girl, American Express, and Converse.

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