13 Facts About Telugu cinema


Telugu cinema, known as Tollywood, is the segment of Indian cinema dedicated to the production of motion pictures in the Telugu language, widely spoken in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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Telugu cinema is based in Film Nagar, a neighbourhood of Hyderabad, India.

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Telugu cinema introduced digital theater sound with the 1935 film Jagadamba.

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Telugu cinema directed, Daasi " and Matti Manushulu "(Mud People)" which won the Diploma of Merit awards at the 16th, and 17th Moscow International Film Festivals in 1989 and 1991 respectively.

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About 245 Telugu cinema films were produced in 2006, the highest in India for that year.

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Since 2005, many successful Telugu films have been largely remade by the Bengali cinema and Hindi film industries, while in the past, Telugu filmmakers drew inspiration from Bengali cinema and literature.

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The Telugu states consist of approximately 2800 theaters, the largest number of cinema halls of any state in India.

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Dasari Narayana Rao directed the most number of films in the Telugu cinema language, exploring themes such as aesthestics in Meghasandesam, Battle of Bobbili in the biographical war film Tandra Paparayudu (1986), alternate history with Sardar Papa Rayudu (1980), and gender discrimination in Kante Koothurne Kanu (1998) for which he received the Special Jury Award (Feature Film - Director) at the 46th National Film Awards.

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Ram Gopal Varma's Siva, which attained cult status in Telugu cinema, is one of the first Telugu films produced after the migration of Telugu film industry from Madras to Hyderabad to feature characters speaking the Telangana dialect.

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Telugu cinema served as the Jury Member thrice for the 28th, 33rd, and 39th National Film Awards.

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Telugu cinema holds the record of having recorded more songs than any other male playback singer and has received 25 state Nandi Awards.

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Telugu cinema's is the recipient of five National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer and numerous state awards.

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Telugu cinema-speaking areas are broadly divided into three areas for the purposes of Film Distribution, namely, Nizam, Ceded and Andhra.

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