30 Facts About The Sweet


The Sweet had their last international success in 1978 with "Love Is Like Oxygen".

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The Sweet were released from the recording contract and Frank Torpey left after a further year of fruitless toil.

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In late 1965, that band became The Phil Wainman Set when the future The Sweet producer joined on drums and the group cut some singles with Errol Dixon.

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The Sweet signed a new record contract with EMI's Parlophone label.

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The Sweet had most recently been playing with Mike McCartney in the Scaffold.

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The Sweet appeared on the band's lone album release, Expansions on Life, and on some recordings by the Scaffold.

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The Sweet initially attempted to combine diverse musical influences, including the Monkees and 1960s bubblegum pop groups such as the Archies, with more heavy rock-oriented groups such as the Who.

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The Sweet adopted the rich vocal harmony style of the Hollies, with distorted guitars and a heavy rhythm section.

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The Sweet had one side of the record; the Pipkins had the other.

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The Sweet's contribution consisted of the A- and B-sides of the band's three Parlophone singles.

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The Sweet made their UK television debut in December 1970 on a pop show called Lift Off, performing the song "Funny Funny".

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The Sweet had always composed their own heavy-rock songs on the B-sides of their singles to contrast with the bubblegum A-sides which were composed by Chinn and Chapman.

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The Sweet adopted a more conventional hard rock sound and appearance.

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The Sweet Fanny Adams featured compressed high-pitched backing vocal harmonies, which was a trend that continued on all of The Sweet's albums.

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The Sweet's throat was badly injured and his ability to sing severely limited.

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The Sweet were invited by Pete Townshend to support the Who, who were playing at Charlton Athletic's football ground, The Valley in June 1974.

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The Sweet had frequently cited the Who as being one of their main influences and played a medley of their tracks in their live set for many years.

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In 1975 The Sweet went back into the studio to re-arrange and record a more pop-oriented version of the track "Fox on the Run".

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Now confident in their own songwriting and production abilities, The Sweet spent the latter half of 1975 in Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany, where they recorded the Give Us A Wink album with German sound engineer Reinhold Mack, who later recorded with Electric Light Orchestra and co-produced Queen.

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Between October 1976 and January 1977, The Sweet wrote and recorded new material at Kingsway Recorders and Audio International London studios for their next album.

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On this album, The Sweet again worked with Give Us A Wink engineer Louis Austin, who would later engineer Def Leppard's On Through The Night 1980 debut album.

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The Sweet left RCA in 1977 and signed a new deal with Polydor though it would not come into force until later in the year.

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Between March and May 1978 The Sweet extensively toured the US, as a support act for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band.

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The Sweet continued as a trio with Priest assuming the lion's share of lead vocals, though Scott and Tucker were active in that role.

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The Sweet undertook a short tour of the UK and performed their last live show at Glasgow University on 20 March 1981.

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The Sweet continued with Sweet commuting back and forth to Europe for the group's tours until this proved to be too cumbersome.

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In January 2009, the Sweet presented at the concert industry's Pollstar Awards, and played a short set at the Nokia Theatre where the event was held, marking the first time in the ceremony's history that a band performed at the show.

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On 11 November 2010, it was announced that in May 2011 "Steve Priest's The Sweet" had been booked to perform at a handful of European dates, but the gigs ultimately had to be cancelled in late January 2011 after it was learned that one of the promoters was a suspected swindler wanted by British law enforcement officials.

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The Sweet was interviewed by Power Hour, Super Channel, and spoke of a possible reunion.

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Two versions of The Sweet were active with original members: "Andy Scott's Sweet", who frequently tour across Europe as Sweet and makes occasional sojourns to other markets including regular visits to Australia, and "Steve Priest's Sweet" who toured the US and Canada.

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