24 Facts About Spider-Man films


Plans for an animated Spider-Man films film were announced by Sony in April 2015, which eventually became Spider-Man films: Into the Spider-Verse from Sony Pictures Animation.

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In 1978, the two-part episode "Deadly Dust" from the television series The Amazing Spider-Man films was re-edited and released outside of the United States as a feature film, Spider-Man films Strikes Back.

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Spider-Man films follows Peter Parker, an orphaned high schooler who pines after popular girl-next-door Mary Jane Watson .

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Harry Osborn continues to believe Spider-Man films is responsible for his father Norman Osborn's death.

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Spider-Man films contends with scientist Otto Octavius, known as Doctor Octopus, who initially mentors his alter-ego and has four mechanical tentacles fused to his spine following a failed fusion-based experiment and sets out to recreate the same that could destroy much of New York City.

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In 2007, Spider-Man films 4 entered development, with Raimi attached to direct and Maguire, Dunst and other cast members set to reprise their roles.

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Concept art revealed in June 2016 showed the inclusion of an opening montage of Spider-Man films going up against C and D-list villains, such as Mysterio, the Shocker, the Prowler, and the Rhino, with the Vulture serving as the main antagonist.

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Raimi reportedly ended his participation due to his doubt that he could meet the planned May 6,2011 release date while at the same time upholding the film creatively; he admitted that he was "very unhappy" with the way Spider-Man films 3 had turned out, and was under pressure to make the fourth film the best that he could.

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Peter Parker graduates from high school, continues his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man films, while combating the electricity-manipulating Electro, rekindling his relationship with Gwen Stacy, and encountering his old friend Harry Osborn, who is slowly dying from a genetic disease.

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In December 2013, Sony issued a press release through the viral site Electro Arrives announcing that two films were in development, with Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Ed Solomon writing a spin-off to The Amazing Spider-Man focused on Venom and Drew Goddard writing one focused on the villain team Sinister Six.

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Sony's 1998 license, covering all Spider-Man films, is perpetual provided that Sony releases a new Spider-Man film at least once every 5.

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Sometime in 2014, prior to the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there had been informal discussions between Amy Pascal and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about whether the world and characters of The Amazing Spider-Man films could be retroactively integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but discussions came to nothing.

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In December 2014, following the hacking of Sony Pictures' computers, Sony and Marvel Studios were revealed to have had discussions about allowing Spider-Man films to appear in the MCU film Captain America: Civil War while having control of the film rights remaining with Sony.

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On February 9,2015, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced that Spider-Man films would appear in the MCU, with the character appearing in an MCU film and Sony releasing a Spider-Man films film co-produced by Feige and Pascal.

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In June 2017, Holland, Feige, and Jon Watts, director of the MCU Spider-Man films, confirmed that a child wearing an Iron Man mask whom Tony Stark saves from a drone in Iron Man 2, was a young Peter Parker, retroactively making it the introduction of the character to the MCU.

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Reports indicated that the first MCU film that Spider-Man films would appear in as part of the deal, would be Captain America: Civil War.

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In Spider-Man films, he was the announcer at the wrestling ring Peter was in and gave him the name "Spider-Man films", instead of the "Human Spider" .

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In Spider-Man films 2, he was an usher who refuses to let Peter enter the theatre for Mary Jane's play when arriving late.

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All three Spider-Man films were later packaged in a "Motion Picture DVD Trilogy" box set.

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Spider-Man films 3 was initially the only Spider-Man films film to be released individually on the high-definition Blu-ray format.

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The first two films were made available on Blu-ray, but only as part of a boxed set with the third film, called Spider-Man: The High-Definition Trilogy.

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All three films which comprise the Raimi-trilogy are available in the U S on iTunes.

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Amazing Spider-Man films 2 became the first Spider-Man films movie released on Ultra HD Blu-ray on March 1,2016.

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The Spider-Man films are among the top of North American rankings of films based on Marvel Comics, with Spider-Man: No Way Home ranking 2nd, Spider-Man ranking 10th, Spider-Man: Far From Home ranking 11th, Spider-Man 2 ranking 13th, Spider-Man 3 ranking 15th, and Spider-Man: Homecoming ranking 16th.

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