101 Facts About Tim Kaine

1. Tim Kaine said that his year in Honduras put him back on a path to service and Catholic worship.

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2. Tim Kaine is married to Anne Bright Holton, a former judge on the Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court who served as Education Secretary of Virginia.

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3. In 2001, Tim Kaine successfully ran for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia after which he again successfully ran for Governor of Virginia in 2005.

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4. Tim Kaine is a United States politician and member of the Democratic Party who was famously Hillary Clinton's pick for Vice President in the 2016 elections.

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5. Tim Kaine currently serves on the Foreign Relations and Senate Armed Services committees.

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6. Tim Kaine has spent more than one-third of his life in state and national politics.

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7. Tim Kaine was, for a brief period in the early 1980s, the construction worker in The Village People.

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8. Tim Kaine was horrifically burned in a mortuary accident in his youth.

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9. Tim Kaine is the inspiration for Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs.

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10. Tim Kaine actually puts his pants on both feet at a time.

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11. Tim Kaine still wonders why Hillary Clinton texts instead of sending emails.

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12. Tim Kaine actually points to North Carolina when referencing Virginia on a map.

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13. Tim Kaine actually became friends with Bill Clinton because they were on the same Counter-Strike clan.

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14. Tim Kaine has mercilessly fat-shamed Tom Vilsack for the better part of a decade.

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15. Tim Kaine really impressed Hillary with his karate chopping skills.

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16. Tim Kaine was selected for the VP position after the Clinton campaign randomly selected a name out of a Prince William County, Virginia phone book.

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17. Tim Kaine entered politics in 1994 when he was elected to the Richmond City Council.

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18. Tim Kaine took a year off from law school to volunteer with Jesuit missionaries in Honduras, where he ran a small vocational school for teenage boys while honing his Spanish.

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19. Tim Kaine addresses the crowd at a health care rally staged Sunday at the foot of the Bell Tower in Capitol Square.

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20. In 2005, Tim Kaine said: "No couples in Virginia can adopt other than a married couple—that's the right policy.

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21. In 2006, Tim Kaine campaigned against an amendment to the Virginia State Constitution to ban same-sex marriage, and in March 2013, Kaine announced his support of same-sex marriage.

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22. In February 2019, Tim Kaine was one of eleven senators to sign a letter to insulin manufactures Eli Lilly and Company, Novo Nordisk, and Sanofi over increased insulin prices and charging the price increases with having caused patients to lack "access to the life-saving medications they need.

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23. Tim Kaine supports legislation to bar weapons sales to suspected terrorists on the No Fly List.

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24. Tim Kaine should not have done this without coming to Congress.

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25. Tim Kaine has stressed that under the Constitution, "Congress has the power to declare war—and only Congress.

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26. Tim Kaine compares this hypothetical group to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in which advanced industrialized countries collaborate on economic policy.

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27. Tim Kaine voted against passage of legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

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28. In December 2016, Tim Kaine was one of 17 senators to sign a letter to President-elect Trump asking him to fulfill a campaign pledge to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, stating their willingness "to advance measures to achieve this goal", and calling on Trump "to partner with Republicans and Democrats alike to take meaningful steps to address the high cost of prescription drugs through bold administrative and legislative actions.

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29. Tim Kaine expressed his desire to emulate John Warner, who represented Virginia in the Senate for 30 years.

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30. Tim Kaine took on the position as chair part-time as he continued his term as governor of Virginia.

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31. Tim Kaine signed legislation banning smoking in restaurants and bars, with some exceptions, in March 2009, making Virginia the first Southern state to do so.

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32. Tim Kaine benefited from his association with the popular outgoing Democratic governor, Mark Warner, who had performed well in traditionally Republican areas of the state.

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33. Tim Kaine joined the race after state senator Emily Couric dropped out due to pancreatic cancer and endorsed Kaine as her replacement.

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34. Tim Kaine took his seat on July 1 and retained the position until September 10, 2011, when he was succeeded by William Pantele.

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35. In 1994, Tim Kaine was elected to the city council of the independent city of Richmond, as the member from the 2nd district.

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36. Tim Kaine was a founding member of the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness.

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37. Tim Kaine graduated from Harvard Law School with a JD degree in 1983.

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38. Tim Kaine was a Coro Foundation fellow in Kansas City in 1978.

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39. Tim Kaine was chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011.

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40. Tim Kaine was then elected Mayor of Richmond in 1998 and was in that position until being elected Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2001.

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41. Tim Kaine was first elected to public office in 1994, when he won a seat on the Richmond City Council.

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42. Tim Kaine was the Democratic nominee for Vice President of the United States in the 2016 election.

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43. Tim Kaine credited Northern Virginia's "skilled workforce" with helping persuade Amazon to choose Arlington as one of its.

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44. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine blasted off statements welcoming the HQ2 headquarters to their state, touting the economic activity it would bring.

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45. Tim Kaine supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which expands the cases in which worker can sue against gender pay discrimination.

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46. Tim Kaine is "generally pro-union" and has received a 96 percent lifetime Senate voting rating from the AFL-CIO, which praised his selection as vice presidential nominee.

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47. Tim Kaine participated in a White House roundtable discussion on high-speed rail in 2009.

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48. Tim Kaine supports some smart growth-style policies to control sprawl and improve transportation.

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49. In July 2016, Tim Kaine said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement was "an improvement of the status quo" in terms of it being an "upgrade of labor standards.

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50. Tim Kaine supported granting President Obama Trade Promotion Authority to allow him to negotiate free trade agreements.

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51. In the Senate, Tim Kaine has supported the Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states to require online retailers to collect sales taxes in the same manner as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

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52. In 2012, Tim Kaine supported raising the cap on income subject for the FICA payroll tax "so that it covers a similar percentage of income as it did in the 1980s under President Reagan, which would greatly extend the solvency of the program.

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53. Tim Kaine supports allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for those with incomes above $500,000.

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54. In 2005, Tim Kaine said: "No couples in Virginia can adopt other than a married couple—that's the right policy.

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55. Tim Kaine supports comprehensive immigration reform, which would allow persons illegally present in the US to earn legal status by paying a fine and taxes.

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56. Tim Kaine supports President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) programs, which would allow up to five million undocumented immigrants to gain deferral of deportation and authorization to legally work in the United States.

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57. Tim Kaine supported passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2009, saying in 2012: "I was a supporter and remain a supporter of the Affordable Care Act.

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58. In the Senate, Tim Kaine has supported legislation which would require background checks to be performed for weapons sold via gun shows and via the internet.

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59. In 2015, Tim Kaine criticized Obama's approach to the Syrian civil war, saying that the establishment of humanitarian no-fly zones would have alleviated the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

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60. In 2014, Tim Kaine argued that the US military intervention against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, undertaken by President Obama, was unconstitutional without a new congressional authorization for the use of military force against ISIL.

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61. In February 2018, Tim Kaine was one of eighteen senators to sign a letter to President Trump arguing that striking North Korea with "a preventative or preemptive US military strike would lack either a constitutional basis or legal authority" without congressional approval.

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62. Tim Kaine believes that American foreign policy has neglected relations with Latin America, saying, "We have seldom paid enough attention to the Americas, in particular, and when we have—whether through the Monroe Doctrine or by battling communist movements during the Cold War—we have focused more on blocking outsiders from building influence in the Western Hemisphere than we have on the nations already there.

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63. In July 2017, Tim Kaine expanded on the grand strategy proposed in this essay in an interview at the Brookings Institution with international relations scholar Robert Kagan.

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64. In this way, Tim Kaine says that the United States should no longer see itself as the indispensable nation, but rather the "exemplary democracy.

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65. Tim Kaine expressed support for Israel's right to defend itself during the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict.

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66. In the Senate, Tim Kaine has supported the normalization of US–Cuban relations and the international nuclear agreement with Iran.

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67. In July 2016, Tim Kaine signed a bipartisan letter that "urged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to 'carefully tailor its rulemaking' [under Dodd-Frank] regarding community banks and credit unions so as not to 'unduly burden' these institutions with regulations aimed at commercial banks.

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68. Tim Kaine has said that he is "strongly for the regulation of the financial industry", and he supports the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

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69. Tim Kaine supports the development of solar energy and offshore wind turbines.

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70. In March 2016, Tim Kaine signaled that his position was softening, saying he was "particularly struck by the material objections of the Department of Defense to the incompatibility of drilling with naval operations off Virginia's coast.

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71. In 2013, Tim Kaine supported oil and gas exploration off the coast of Virginia, saying, "I have long believed that the moratorium on offshore drilling, based on a cost-benefit calculation performed decades ago, should be re-examined.

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72. Tim Kaine supports exporting liquefied natural gas to other countries.

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73. Tim Kaine voted against an amendment, introduced by Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, that would have repealed a provision in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 that exempts hydraulic fracturing from the underground injection control provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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74. Tim Kaine supports the use of hydraulic fracturing to harvest natural gas from shale formations.

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75. Tim Kaine has expressed concern about sea level rise, and in particular its effect on coastal Virginia.

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76. Tim Kaine said: "I really struggled with [capital punishment] as Governor.

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77. Tim Kaine personally opposes capital punishment, but presided over eleven executions while governor.

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78. In 2015, Tim Kaine joined a group of Senate Democrats in a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary Jo White that said the ruling "reversed long-standing precedent and has moved our country in a different and disturbing direction when it comes to corporate influence in politics.

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79. In 2009, Tim Kaine signed a bill to create a "Choose Life" license plate, among the more than 200 Virginia specialty plates already offered, the proceeds of which would partly go to Heartbeat International, a Christian organization that operates anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers.

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80. On July 22, 2016, she announced Tim Kaine would be her running mate in the election.

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81. Tim Kaine endorsed Hillary Clinton's presidential bid in 2016 and campaigned actively for Clinton in seven states during the primaries.

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82. In the 114th Congress, Tim Kaine was on the same three committees, plus the Special Committee on Aging.

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83. In the 113th Congress, Tim Kaine was on the Committee on Armed Services, the Committee on the Budget, and the Committee on Foreign Relations.

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84. The same month, Tim Kaine delivered an address on "The Truman Doctrine at 70" at London's Chatham House.

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85. Tim Kaine met with the Jesuit Refugee Service to discuss refugees and met with Vatican officials to discuss Latin American issues.

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86. In February 2017, Tim Kaine met with Pope Francis at a general audience at the Vatican.

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87. At an event at George Mason University, Tim Kaine said that with Trump in office, Americans "are in a 'living experiment' to see whether or not the Constitution still works to check executive power.

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88. While in the Senate, Tim Kaine has continued to teach part-time at the University of Richmond, receiving a salary of $16,000 per year.

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89. Tim Kaine has taken several trips throughout the Middle East, meeting with the leaders of states such as Turkey and Israel.

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90. Tim Kaine supported the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, though he helped Republican Senator Bob Corker hold a vote on a resolution of disapproval on the deal.

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91. On June 11, 2013, Tim Kaine delivered a speech on the Senate floor in support of the bipartisan "Gang of Eight" immigration bill.

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92. Tim Kaine was lieutenant governor when Warner was governor of Virginia.

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93. Tim Kaine was sworn in for a six-year term on January 3, 2013, reuniting him with Mark Warner, the senior senator.

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94. In February 2011, after Tim Kaine spoke to union leaders in Madison, Organizing for America got involved in Wisconsin's budget battle and opposed Republican-sponsored anti-union legislation.

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95. Tim Kaine focused more on fundraising and maintaining party unity than on attacking political opponents.

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96. Tim Kaine kept a low profile in the position in comparison to his counterpart, RNC chairman Michael Steele.

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97. Tim Kaine announced his support for Senator Obama's presidential bid in February 2007.

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98. In October 2006, Tim Kaine signed an executive order banning smoking in all government buildings and state-owned cars as of January 1, 2007.

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99. In 2009, Tim Kaine expressed support for tighter restrictions on mountaintop removal coal mining imposed by the Obama administration.

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100. In 2008, Tim Kaine supported a coal-fired power plant project in Wise County, clashing with environmentalists who opposed the project.

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101. Tim Kaine criticized the Bush administration's conduct of the Iraq War and treatment of US soldiers; saying that "the American people were given inaccurate information about reasons for invading Iraq"; "our troops in Iraq were not given the best body armor or the best intelligence"; and "the administration wants to further reduce military and veterans' benefits.

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