21 Facts About Tokelau


Tokelau has a population of approximately 1, 500 people; it has the fourth-smallest population of any sovereign state or dependency in the world.

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The Tokelau islands were named the Union Islands and Union Group by European explorers at an earlier time.

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Tokelau Islands was adopted as the islands' official name in 1946.

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In 1979, the U S conceded that Tokelau was under New Zealand sovereignty, and a maritime boundary between Tokelau and American Samoa was established by the Treaty of Tokehega.

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At midnight 29 December 2011 Tokelau shifted to UTC+13:00 in response to Samoa's decision to switch sides of the International Dateline.

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Tokelau was removed from the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony and placed under the jurisdiction of the Governor-General of New Zealand in 1925, two Orders in Council being made for the purpose on the same day.

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At this point, Tokelau was still a territory under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom but administered by New Zealand.

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Tokelau formally became part of New Zealand on 1 January 1949.

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Dominion of New Zealand, of which Tokelau formerly was a part, has since been superseded by the Realm of New Zealand, of which Tokelau remains a part.

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Tokelau Amendment Act of 1996 confers legislative power on the General Fono, a unicameral body.

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Tokelau is located in the Western Polynesian tropical moist forests ecoregion.

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The atolls of Tokelau provide habitat for 38 indigenous plant species, over 150 insect species and 10 land crab species.

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Tokelau has an annual purchasing power of about US$1, 000 per capita.

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Tokelau gives most domain names under its authority away to anyone for free to gain publicity for the territory.

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Tokelau won its first ever gold medals at the 2007 Pacific Games in Apia, winning a total of five medals, all in lawn bowls, and finishing 12th (out of 22) on the overall medal table.

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In October 2010, table tennis became "the first sport in Tokelau to be granted membership at a Continental or World level", when the Tokelau Table Tennis Association was formally established and became the 23rd member of the Oceania Table Tennis Federation.

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Tokelau was due to take part, for the first time, in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, in Delhi, but, for unknown reasons, ultimately did not do so.

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Tokelau does have a National Sports Federation, and a significant sporting event is the Tokelau Games, which are held yearly.

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Tokelau has a radio telephone service between the islands and to Samoa.

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Tokelau has the international calling code of 690, and has had five-digit telephone numbers from November 2015.

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The vessel, which has a capacity of 60 passengers on international cruises and 120 for transport between the atolls of Tokelau, operates fortnightly between Tokelau and Apia, with the trip taking a little over a day.

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