28 Facts About Trinity College Dublin


Trinity College Dublin is a sister college to St John's College, Cambridge and Oriel College, Oxford, and by incorporation, a graduate of Dublin, Oxford or Cambridge can be conferred the equivalent degree at either of the other two without further examination.

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Widely considered one of Europe's elite institutions, Trinity College Dublin is Ireland's most prestigious university, in part due to its long and distinguished history.

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Library of Trinity College is a legal deposit library for Ireland and Great Britain, containing around 7 million printed volumes and significant quantities of manuscripts, including the Book of Kells, which arrived at the college in 1661 for safekeeping after the Cromwellian raids on religious institutions.

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Trinity College Dublin became the first and only Irish university to enter the Top 50 rankings of both the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education in 2009, when it was ranked 43rd in the world.

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Trinity College Dublin had previously been examined and, on merit, declared a scholar of the college, but had not been allowed to take up his place due to his Catholic religion.

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Trinity College was one of the targets of the Volunteer and Citizen Army forces during the 1916 Easter Rising but was successfully defended by a small number of unionist students, most of whom were members of the university Officers' Training Corps.

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Loyalty to the Crown was instinctive and they were proud to be British subjects and Commonwealth citizens" and that "The Trinity College Dublin still clung, so far as circumstances permitted, to its pre-Treaty loyalties, symbolized by the flying of the Union Jack on suitable occasions and a universal wearing of poppies on Armistice Day, the chapel being packed for the two minutes' silence followed by a lusty rendering of 'God Save the King.

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Hamilton Mathematics Institute in Trinity College, named in honour of William Rowan Hamilton, was launched in 2005 and aims to improve the international profile of Irish mathematics, to raise public awareness of mathematics and to support local mathematical research through workshops, conferences and a visitor programme.

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Trinity College retains a tranquil collegiate atmosphere despite its location in the centre of a capital city .

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Trinity College Business School building is an €80 million construction for Trinity's Business School.

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In one sense, the University of Dublin exists only as a degree-granting institution, with the college providing the education and research; Trinity College was the only college to ever be established within the university.

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Governance of Trinity College was next formally changed in 2000, by the Oireachtas, in legislation proposed by the Board of the college and approved by the Body Corporate, viz.

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University of Dublin was modelled on University of Oxford and University of Cambridge in the form of a collegiate university, Trinity College being the name given by the Queen as the mater universitatis .

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Trinity College Dublin has an oversight structure of two visitors: the chancellor of the university, who is elected by the Senate, and the judicial visitor, who is appointed by the Irish Government from a list of two names submitted by the Senate of the university.

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Trinity College is a sister college to Oriel College of the University of Oxford and St John's College of the University of Cambridge.

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Trinity College has formerly been associated with several other teaching institutions, such as St Catherine's College of Education for Home Economics, Magee College and Royal Irish Academy of Music, a music conservatoire, and The Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art, the national conservatoire for theatre training actors, technicians, playwrights and designers to a professional and industry standard.

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From 2018, Trinity College Dublin will be offering dual BA programme with Columbia University in New York City.

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At postgraduate level, Trinity College Dublin offers a range of taught and research degrees in all faculties.

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Trinity College instructs the CAO to administer all applications by standardised criteria before offering places to successful candidates.

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The Trinity College Dublin therefore has full control of admissions while ensuring anonymity and academic equality throughout the process.

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Election to become a scholar of Trinity Dublin is widely regarded as "the most prestigious undergraduate award in the country".

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Trinity College Dublin Monday was appointed as the day when all future elections to Fellowship and Scholarship would be announced .

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Trinity College Dublin is ranked 98th in the world, 35th in Europe and 1st in Ireland in the Cuacarelli Simmons QS World University Rankings 2022, one of the world's leading indicators of university evaluation.

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Trinity College has a tradition of student publications, ranging from the serious to the satirical.

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Trinity College Dublin News is Ireland's oldest student newspaper, launched in 1953.

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Commons is a three-course meal served in the Trinity College Dublin Dining Hall Monday to Friday, attended by Scholars, Fellows and Sizars of the college, as well as other members of the college community and their guests.

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Trinity College Dublin left Hollyoaks to study in Ireland in 2007 and now lives there with his boyfriend, John Paul McQueen, after they got their sunset ending in September 2008.

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In Karen Marie Moning's The Fever Series Trinity College is said to be where the main character, MacKayla Lane's sister Alina, was attending school on scholarship before she was murdered.

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