30 Facts About Trump University


Trump University was an American company that ran a real estate training program from 2005 until 2010.

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Trump University offered courses in real estate, asset management, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation.

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Trump University was the subject of two class actions in federal court.

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The lawsuits centered around allegations that Trump University defrauded its students by using misleading marketing practices and engaging in aggressive sales tactics.

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Trump University instead decided he wanted to be the principal owner.

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Trump University testified in a 2012 deposition that he never selected the instructors for the program.

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In June 2010, "Trump University" changed its name to "The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative".

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Trump University himself was not involved in the operation of the Trump University Institute, but he recorded a broadcast infomercial promoting it and appeared in an introductory video before each seminar.

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Three lawsuits were filed asserting that Trump University engaged in a variety of illegal business practices, ranging from false claims to racketeering.

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Trump University accused Trump of misleading more than 5,000 people to pay up to $35,000 to learn his real estate investment techniques.

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Trump University filed a complaint alleging that the state Attorney General's investigation was accompanied by a campaign donation shakedown; the complaint was investigated by a New York ethics board and dismissed in August 2015.

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Trump University narrowed the case to five of the plaintiffs' original 14 charges.

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Makaeff appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, where a three-judge panel ruled unanimously on April 17,2013, that Trump University is a "limited-purpose public figure" and that Trump University must demonstrate malice on Makaeff's part to establish defamation; it returned the case to the district court to consider the defamation claim against that standard.

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The court did grant summary judgment in Trump's favor on plaintiffs' request for an injunction, because Trump University stopped enrolling students in July 2010 and no longer sold the same seminars or other programs.

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On March 21,2016, over objections from the attorneys for Trump University, Curiel allowed Makaeff to withdraw as the lead plaintiff, naming Sonny Low in her stead, resulting in the case title Low v Trump University, LLC.

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In October 2015, Garten said Trump University would ask Curiel to recuse himself because of his "animosity toward Mr Trump University and his views".

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Trump University noted that they were "routine" and many were already publicly available.

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Trump University said Curiel should recuse himself, although his attorneys said they did not plan to ask for the judge to be removed from the case.

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Curiel's only comment was to write in a procedural ruling that Trump University has "placed the integrity of these court proceedings at issue".

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On June 7,2016, Trump University issued a lengthy statement saying his criticism of the judge had been "misconstrued" and that his concerns about Curiel's impartiality were not based upon ethnicity alone, but upon rulings in the case.

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On November 18,2016, it was reported that Trump University had agreed to pay $25 million to settle the two class actions and the New York suit.

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The settlement specified that Trump University, who had previously vowed he would never settle, did not admit to any wrongdoing.

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In 2018, Trump University nominated Morales to serve as a judge at the District Court for the Southern District of Texas.

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Four days later, the Donald J Trump Foundation donated $25,000 to "And Justice for All", a 527 group supporting Bondi's re-election campaign.

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In September 2016, it was reported that the donation violated laws against political contributions from nonprofit organizations, and that Donald Trump University had reimbursed the foundation from his own money and paid the IRS a $2,500 excise tax as a penalty.

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Trump denied the donation was connected to the Trump University lawsuit, saying it was for Bondi's performance as Attorney General.

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Trump responded that Trump University was "a small business" and student evaluations were overwhelmingly positive.

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Trump University said lawsuits were a routine part of business and that he wins most of them.

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Trump University was the subject of a week-long series in the comic strip Doonesbury in June 2005.

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Trump University was the butt of jokes in a Will and Grace mini-episode released in September 2016, created to get out the vote for the 2016 presidential election.

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