46 Facts About Uma Thurman

1. Uma Thurman had been briefly married to Gary Oldman, from 1990 to 1992.

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2. Uma Thurman kept the story of her attack a well-kept secret because Weinstein threatened to destroy her career.

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3. Uma Thurman revealed that the real reason the Pussy Wagon is MIA in Volume 2 is because it actually belongs to Tarantino, who had driven it home and left it there.

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4. Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman came up with the plot all the way back in 1994, while they were working on Pulp Fiction.

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5. Uma Thurman was rumored to be dating director Quentin Tarantino, but the claims were denied.

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6. Uma Thurman was born on April 29, 1970, in Boston, Massachusetts to Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman and Nena con Schlebrugge.

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7. Uma Thurman acted in several films but came to limelight with the movie Pulp Fiction in 1994 where she played Mia Wallace.

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8. In 1988, Uma Thurman made her film debut by appearing in four films that year including Kiss Daddy Goodnight and Johnny Be Good.

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9. Uma Thurman discovered her love for acting in the eighth grade.

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10. Uma Thurman began her career as a fashion model at the age 15, and signed with the agency Click Models.

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11. Uma Thurman started training for Kill Bill movie after three months of giving birth to her child.

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12. Uma Thurman is an A-List Hollywood star and that honor is well deserved.

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13. Uma Thurman looks stunning and elegant above in a blue dress and cream colored coat.

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14. Uma Thurman has been involved in various philanthropic and activist causes, such as Marie Claire's "End Gun Violence Now" campaign and Room to Grow, which is a charitable organization providing aid to families and children born into poverty.

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15. Uma Thurman was born in Boston, Massachusetts on April 29, 1970.

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16. In 2012, Uma Thurman co-starred in the period drama Bel Ami and had a recurring role on the musical TV series Smash.

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17. In 2010, Uma Thurman joined the cast of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in the role of Medusa, the snake-haired gorgon who could turn a man to stone with no more than a look.

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18. Uma Thurman resurfaced in 1999 in Woody Allen's widely acclaimed Sweet and Lowdown.

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19. In 2011 Uma Thurman was one of several celebrities associated with the USAID and Ad Council's FWD campaign, an awareness initiative tied to that year's East Africa drought.

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20. Uma Thurman has been involved in various philanthropic and activist causes.

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21. Uma Thurman was the target of a stalker from about 2004 to 2011.

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22. Uma Thurman began dating London-based French financier Arpad Busson in 2007, and they announced their engagement in June 2008.

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23. Uma Thurman has ancestry from Scania, Sweden and wants to move there.

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24. In June 2018 it was reported that Uma Thurman is getting help from the former Swedish Minister for Justice, Thomas Bodstrom, to gain Swedish citizenship.

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25. Uma Thurman was chosen as the face of Parfums Givenchy in 2009, and fronted the campaign for the women's fragrance Ange ou Demon Le Secret.

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26. In 2000, Uma Thurman was selected as the face and spokeswoman of the cosmetics company Lancome which named several shades of lipstick after her, though they were sold only in Asia.

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27. On February 7, 2006, Uma Thurman was awarded and named a knight of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres of France for outstanding achievement in the field of art and literature, and for her work and importance as an actress.

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28. Uma Thurman made her Broadway debut in The Parisian Woman, a play written by Beau Willimon.

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29. In 2017, Uma Thurman took on the recurring role of a fixer on the Bravo dark comedy series Imposters, which ran for two seasons, and was named president of Cannes Film Festival "Un Certain Regard" jury for "works which offer a unique perspective and aesthetic".

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30. Uma Thurman appeared in the Volume I of Lars von Trier's two-part ensemble art drama Nymphomaniac as Mrs H, a rejected wife who confronts her estranged husband.

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31. Uma Thurman ventured into television in 2012, when she joined the cast of the drama series Smash in its first season, portraying the five-episode role of Rebecca Duvall, a Hollywood actress who wants to star in a new Broadway musical, despite having limited musical ability.

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32. In 2008, Uma Thurman starred with Colin Firth and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Accidental Husband, a romantic comedy where she played a woman who finds herself married while engaged to another man.

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33. In the 2007 film The Life Before Her Eyes, Uma Thurman starred as an accident survivor whose guilt causes her present-day life to fall apart.

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34. In 2006, Uma Thurman starred opposite Luke Wilson in My Super Ex-Girlfriend, playing a superhero who is dumped by her boyfriend and then takes her revenge upon him.

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35. Uma Thurman reunited with Quentin Tarantino for the two-part martial arts action film Kill Bill, portraying assassin Beatrix Kiddo, out for revenge against her former lover.

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36. Uma Thurman played a New Jersey woman in the 1980s searching for romance.

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37. Uma Thurman would win a Golden Globe for her acting in HBO cable movie Hysterical Blindness, where she was one of the executive producers.

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38. Uma Thurman headlined the period drama The Golden Bowl, based on the 1904 novel of the same name by Henry James.

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39. Uma Thurman was in a hiatus from acting at the time as she had her daughter in 1998, doing only a few small, low-budget projects after giving birth; she eventually turned down the role of Eowyn in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, which she considers "one of the worst decisions [she] ever made".

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40. Uma Thurman took on the role of Fantine in Les Miserables, the 1998 film version of Victor Hugo's novel of the same name, directed by Bille August.

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41. The Washington Post asserted that Uma Thurman was "serenely unrecognizable in a black wig, [and] is marvelous as a zoned-out gangster's girlfriend.

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42. Uma Thurman portrayed a young woman with unusually big thumbs in Gus Van Sant's 1993 adaptation of Tom Robbins' novel Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

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43. Uma Thurman was cast in three 1988 films—Johnny Be Good, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and most notably, Dangerous Liaisons.

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44. Uma Thurman began her career as a fashion model at age 15, and signed with the agency Click Models.

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45. Uma Thurman received a Buddhist upbringing, and spent altogether around two years in the Indo-Himalayan town of Almora.

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46. In 2011, Uma Thurman was a member of the jury for the main competition at the 64th Cannes Film Festival, and in 2017, she was named president of the 70th edition's "Un Certain Regard" jury.

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