11 Facts About Unincorporated areas


Widespread unincorporated communities and areas are a distinguishing feature of the United States and Canada.

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Unincorporated areas are often in remote locations, cover vast areas, or have very small populations.

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In some provinces, large tracts of undeveloped wilderness or rural country are unorganized Unincorporated areas that fall directly under the provincial jurisdiction.

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Also, three inhabited unincorporated areas existed, all of which served as military training areas: Osterheide and Lohheide in Lower Saxony, and Gutsbezirk Munsingen in Baden-Wurttemberg.

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However, a few unincorporated areas exist, whether because of omissions and ambiguities left in official maps dating from the British Mandate for Palestine, or due to deliberate policy of ensuring facilities of national importance, such as Ben Gurion Airport, Mikveh Israel boarding school, or the BAZAN Group oil refineries, would not have their operation affected by local considerations.

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Unincorporated areas land is since medieval times administered by an appointed officer with the name Landdrost or Drossaart.

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Unincorporated areas regions are essentially nonexistent in eight of the northeastern states.

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Virginia and other states with this model, such as Alabama, Maryland, and Tennessee, set strict requirements on incorporation or grant counties broad powers that in other states are carried out by cities, creating a disincentive to incorporate, and thus have large, urbanized Unincorporated areas which have no municipal government below the county level.

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Currently, the five major unincorporated U S insular areas are American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U S Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

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Unincorporated insular areas can be ceded to another nation or be granted independence.

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In some instances, unincorporated areas have a mailing address indicating the name of an incorporated city, as well as those where residents of one incorporated city have mailing addresses indicating another incorporated city.

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