15 Facts About Ushas


Ushas's repeatedly appears in the Rigvedic hymns, states David Kinsley, where she is "consistently identified with dawn, revealing herself with the daily coming of light to the world, driving away oppressive darkness, chasing away evil demons, rousing all life, setting all things in motion, sending everyone off to do their duties".

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Ushas's is the life of all living creatures, the impeller of action and breath, the foe of chaos and confusion, the auspicious arouser of cosmic and moral order called the Rta in Hinduism.

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Ushas is the most exalted goddess in the Rig Veda, but not as important or central as the three male Vedic deities Agni, Soma and Indra.

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Ushas's is portrayed as a beautifully adorned young woman riding in a golden chariot or a hundred chariots, drawn by golden red horses or cows, on her path across the sky, making way for the Vedic sun god Surya, who is referred either as her husband or her son.

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Ushas's is depicted as the one who imbues life to all beings, as the "life of all life" and "breath of all breaths", according to Jones and Ryan.

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Ushas's is revered as the deity who revivifies earth each day, drives away the chaos and the darkness, sets all things in motion, sends all living beings to do their duties in the Vedas.

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Ushas is the most important goddess in the Vedic literature, but she is not as important as the three central male deities named Agni, Soma and Indra.

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Ushas's is mentioned in far fewer hymns than these three, but nearly equal or more number of hymns than all other male and female deities in the Vedas.

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Ushas's is thanked for and petitioned for driving away darkness in hymns 7.

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Ushas is described in Vedic texts as riding in a shining chariot drawn by golden-red horses or cows, a beautiful maiden bedecked with jewels, smiling and irresistibly attractive, who brings cheer to all those who gaze upon her.

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Ushas's symbolizes reality, is a marker of time and a reminder to all that "life is limited on earth".

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Ushas's sees everything as it is, and she is the eye of the gods, according to hymns 7.

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Ushas's is variously mentioned as the sister of Ratri, Aditya and one who goes about her ways closely with deities Savitri and Surya.

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Ushas's has appeared— the good priestly gift, the bounteous one.

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Ushas is regionally worshipped during the festival of Chhath Puja, in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and in Nepal.

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