20 Facts About Welland


Welland is a city in the Regional Municipality of Niagara in Southern Ontario, Canada.

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Welland gained its present name when it was incorporated on 25 July 1858.

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City of Welland is working to revitalize the downtown core through an ongoing community improvement plan.

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Welland is represented in the House of Commons of Canada by the Liberal Party Member of Parliament Vance Badawey, and in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario by the NDP Member of Provincial Parliament Jeff Burch, representing the Niagara Centre and the provincial ridings of Niagara Centre, respectively.

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District School Board of Niagara operates ten elementary schools within the city and two secondary schools: Welland Centennial servicing the western side of the city and Eastdale Secondary servicing the eastern side.

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The city of Welland grew up around the Plymouth plant, which was prior to 1904, farmland.

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Welland's electricity comes from the Sir Adam Beck hydroelectric generation plants at Niagara Falls via Welland Hydro.

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Cooks Mills, located on the other side of the By-Pass channel than the rest of Welland, has arguably been protected against the impact of urban sprawl, but the necessity of using one of the two highway tunnels to cross the canal causes some residents to head to nearby Niagara Falls instead.

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The island was created when the alignment of the First Welland Canal was constructed basically parallel to the Welland River and since the abandonment of the old canal has been established as Merritt Park, featuring a popular four kilometre-long paved trail.

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One of the worst winter storms to affect the Welland area was in January 1977 when the Blizzard of '77 hit Niagara and Western New York from 28 January to 1 February 1977.

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Also located in the heart of downtown, between Main Street and Division Street bridges along the west side of the Welland Recreational Waterway, is a small parkette dubbed "Guerrilla Park" by locals.

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Welland Canal Parkway Trail is a paved recreational path beginning in the City of St Catharines at Lake Ontario and ending at Lake Erie in Port Colborne.

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Welland Canal, linking Lake Ontario with Lake Erie, is the transportation mode that Welland is best known for.

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Highway 406 is the main route in and out of Welland, leading north to Thorold, St Catharines and onwards via Queen Elizabeth Way.

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Passenger service ended in November 1959, but the tracks remained in freight use until 1981 when a trestle over the Welland River became unsafe and the line was removed from service.

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Today, Welland is the location of one of only two remaining railway crossings that span the Welland Canal.

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Since 1973, Welland Transit operates the public transport service of scheduled bus services and paratransit covering the city.

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Welland Rose Festival is one of Niagara's longest running festivals.

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Welland FloatFest began in 2016 and usually occurs for one day in July.

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Welland was the site of the first scene filmed for the movie Meatballs.

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