13 Facts About West Africa


The population of West Africa is estimated at about 419 million people as of 2021, and at 381, 981, 000 as of 2017, of which 189, 672, 000 are female and 192, 309, 000 male.

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Early history in West Africa included a number of prominent regional powers, that dominated different parts of both the coast and internal trade networks, such as the Mali and Gao Empires.

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West Africa sat the intersection of trade routes between Arab-dominated North Africa and specialized goods from further south on the continent, including gold, advanced iron-working, and products like ivory.

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West Africa has a rich ecology, with strong biodiversity and several distinct regions.

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Geopolitically, the United Nations definition of subregion Western Africa includes the preceding states with the addition of Mauritania, comprising an area of approximately 6.

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West Africa is home to several baobab trees and other plant life.

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West Africa is greatly affected by deforestation, and has one of worst deforestation rate.

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Northern section of West Africa is composed of semi-arid terrain known as Sahel, a transitional zone between the Sahara and the West Sudanian savanna.

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West Africa is west of an imagined north–south axis lying close to 10° east longitude.

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Sixteen, the most important hub and entry point to West Africa are Kotoka International Airport, and Murtala Muhammed International Airport, offering many international connections.

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West Africa has made considerably improvement in the health outcomes of its populations, in spite of the challenges posed by pervasive poverty, epidemic diseases, and food insecurity.

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The major multi-sport event of West Africa is the ECOWAS Games which commenced at the 2012 ECOWAS Games.

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Major football teams of West Africa are Asante Kotoko SC and Accra Hearts of Oak SC of the Ghana Premier League, Enyimba International of the Nigerian Premier League and ASEC Mimosas of the Ligue 1.

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