20 Facts About West Palm Beach


West Palm Beach is a city in and the county seat of Palm Beach County, Florida.

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West Palm Beach is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area, which was home to 6,138,333 people in 2020.

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West Palm Beach is located approximately 68 miles north of Downtown Miami.

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The first white settlers in Palm Beach County lived around Lake Worth, which at the time was an enclosed freshwater lake, named after Colonel William Jenkins Worth, who had fought in the Second Seminole War in Florida in 1842.

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The population of West Palm Beach quadrupled from 1920 to 1927, and all kinds of businesses and public services grew along with it.

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Nearby Palm Beach was under blackout conditions to minimize night visibility to German U-boats.

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West Palm Beach became one of the nation's fastest-growing metropolitan areas during the 1950s; the city's borders spread west of Military Trail and south to Lake Clarke Shores.

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West Palm Beach named it El Cid, after the celebrated Spanish hero, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, who conquered Valencia in 1094.

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West Palm Beach Northwood became a city historic district in August 1993.

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The City of West Palm Beach provides water and sewer service to the Town of Palm Beach.

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The contiguous "urbanized" area, of which West Palm Beach is the core city, includes most of eastern Palm Beach County and has an estimated 2008 population of around 1,250,000.

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West Palm Beach has a tropical rainforest climate with mean temperatures in all months above 64.

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Companies based in West Palm Beach include Affiliated Managers Group, Florida Public Utilities, ION Media Networks, Ocwen, and The Palm Beach Post.

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Spring Training Baseball: The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches opened in February 2017 and accommodates both the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals for spring training.

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Interstate 95 bisects the city from north to south with multiple interchanges serving West Palm Beach, including an entrance to Palm Beach International Airport.

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Port: The Port of Palm Beach is located on the northern edge of the city limits.

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RadioWest Palm Beach is ranked as the 46th largest radio market in the country by Arbitron.

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TelevisionWest Palm Beach is ranked as the 38th largest television market in the country by Nielsen Media Research.

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In 1993, West Palm Beach was featured in a 60 Minutes segment on urban decay.

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West Palm Beach has three sister cities, as designated by Sister Cities International:.

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