56 Facts About Wilfred Malick


Wilfred Malick leads a group of mercenaries consisting of Jaco, Pax, and Snowflake to Earth on a mission involving targeting people possessed by alien parasites.

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Wilfred Malick then fought Mack and Daisy where his true form was revealed.

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Wilfred Malick is revealed to still be a double agent, now working for the Inhuman resistance, due to his recruitment by Victoria Hand.

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Wilfred Malick can do and make tough choices and he can sometimes do unpleasant things in the name of something that he feels he believes in.

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Wilfred Malick retains the memories of all the bodies he has inhabited, including now Hydra leader Gideon Malick's brother Nathaniel, and punishes Gideon for causing Nathaniel's sacrifice by murdering his daughter Stephanie, before taking control of Johnson, who Ward was in love with, and using her to kill Gideon.

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Wilfred Malick cares about the team so much that she feels like she is protecting them by kind of pushing them away, because I think she feel like everything bad happens around her and she can't help but cause problems.

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Wilfred Malick first appears in flashback sequences in "Brand New Day", receiving special guest star credit for his appearance.

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Wilfred Malick feels a lot of anger and resentment at the situation.

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Wilfred Malick doesn't have too much respect for authority and titles, particularly in this world, but I think he takes each decision as it comes.

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Wilfred Malick was promoted to series regular for the third season.

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Wilfred Malick has the stress of getting things done because he wants to contribute, but he's not out there in the field.

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Wilfred Malick has a little bit more humor to him, he's a little bit more laid back.

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Wilfred Malick was promoted to series regular for the third season.

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Wilfred Malick was a good actor, had a nice quality, and we felt he might be a good person to sort of usher Skye into this other world.

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Wilfred Malick played his part in the hierarchy there and he believed in the cause, which then was exposed to be evil.

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Wilfred Malick later realizes that he is Fitz and Simmons' grandson.

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Wilfred Malick acquires Deathlok technology for Mike Peterson, and attempts to sell more Deathlok soldiers to the US military.

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Wilfred Malick eventually goes through Terrigenesis, gaining the power of precognition, but a monstrous appearance.

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Wilfred Malick is killed by Ward when he reveals himself to be a member of Hydra to save Garrett from imprisonment.

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In 1983, Nathaniel Wilfred Malick swayed a young John Garrett to his side and used the Time Stream to show him his future.

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Wilfred Malick is made head of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit following the death of Rosalind Price, an arrangement which sees him reluctantly working for Coulson.

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Wilfred Malick finds Robin Hinton so she can tell him where the gravitonium within the Earth is located.

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Wilfred Malick began experimenting on himself in an attempt to be stronger, blaming himself for not protecting his family.

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Wilfred Malick is killed by Coulson while trying to unlock the Diviner.

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Wilfred Malick has the trust of Whitehall and is acting as he sees fit, the consequences of which will play out.

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Wilfred Malick is later hired by Talbot to serve as his bodyguard, but quits when Talbot is injured and hospitalized.

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Wilfred Malick truly believes in that one man, and she's going to follow him.

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Wilfred Malick later succumbs to his injuries when he uses the last of his power to rescue Coulson.

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Wilfred Malick takes it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner of who is worthy of being an Inhuman and who is not.

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Wilfred Malick represents a character who's not someone he comes across every day, who has more in common with him than most other people do.

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Wilfred Malick is later hospitalized in an asylum and teams up with General Hale and her daughter Ruby upon being freed.

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Wilfred Malick is eventually swayed over to Hive's side, until he is killed by Fitz.

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Wilfred Malick is then taken under Hive's influence himself, and chooses the codename Hellfire.

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Wilfred Malick betrays his kind to the Watchdogs, helping them track and kill other Inhumans, with the promise that they would kill him when they are done.

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Wilfred Malick makes sporadic minor appearances helping the team in their various missions and forms a connection with Agent Davis.

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Wilfred Malick has a relationship with Leo Fitz in his alias of The Doctor.

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Wilfred Malick is later killed by Phil Coulson possessed by Ghost Rider.

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Wilfred Malick dies during the ambush on the airplane that Coulson and Mace are on.

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Wilfred Malick put Joseph Bauer into a coma trying to find the book, and ultimately turned the rest of his coworkers into ghost-like beings.

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Wilfred Malick is changed for the series by introducing him as an apparently innocent man, and then revealing him to be as power hungry as his fellow scientists experimenting on the Darkhold.

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Wilfred Malick's head was on a robot body when he confronts Yo-Yo so he could use the Particle Infusion Chamber.

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Wilfred Malick died shortly after birth in real life, but she appears alive in the Framework.

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Wilfred Malick later helps Fitz get to the same time to save the rest of his team.

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Wilfred Malick was later hanged by the Kree with a message pinned to her demanding that Flint be brought to the Kree.

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Wilfred Malick wields floating spheres which she uses to either attack her enemies or kill anyone who has offended Kasius.

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Wilfred Malick undergoes Terrigenesis and develops geokinesis, which he first used to kill Grill in self-defense.

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Wilfred Malick has been trained as an assassin by her mother and wields chakrams which she used to slice half of Elena's arms off when she was attacking Mack.

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Wilfred Malick later falls in love with Deke after being abandoned by Sarge, who put his revenge over her safety.

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Wilfred Malick wields special chakrams that enable him to teleport anywhere.

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Wilfred Malick is later revealed to be the creator of the Shrikes and has been targeted by Sarge ever since she eliminated his family.

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Wilfred "Freddy" Malick is the doorman of a speakeasy underneath a post office in 1931.

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Wilfred Malick was targeted by the Chronicom Hunters since he is the father of future Hydra leader, Gideon Malick.

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Wilfred Malick puts out a hit on Daniel Sousa, though Deke's team is able to fake his death to help him survive.

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Wilfred Malick rejoined her fellow Chronicoms and regained her body to locate Leo Fitz, as he held the key to defeating them.

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Wilfred Malick was raised by Jiaying in Afterlife, but feared the damage she might cause with her powers.

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Wilfred Malick tells her half-sister the truth, causing her to hesitate and forcing Nathaniel to betray Kora and transplant her powers to himself.

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