12 Facts About 3d Wing


The 3d Wing performed reconnaissance and interdiction combat missions from Iwakuni Air Base, Japan, at the beginning of the Korean War.

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Mission of the 3rd 3d Wing is to support and defend US interests in the Asia Pacific region and around the world by providing units who are ready for worldwide air power projection and a base that is capable of meeting United States Pacific Command's theater staging and throughput requirements.

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The 3rd Bombardment Group, then back under control of the 3rd Bombardment 3d Wing, continued its night interdiction missions against targets in North Korea.

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In recognition of the wing's distinguished service, the 3rd Bombardment 3d Wing's was granted the privilege of conducting the last bombing mission over North Korea minutes before implementation of the Korean Armistice Agreement.

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In late 1963, the 3rd Bomb 3d Wing prepared to stand down in Japan as the USAF wanted to reduce the number of wings in Japan.

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In January 1964 the wing was re designated as the 3rd Tactical Fighter 3d Wing, and was reassigned without personnel or equipment to England Air Force Base, Louisiana under Tactical Air Command.

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The 604th Air Commando Squadron, attached to the 3d Wing, flew the Dragonfly from November 1967 to September 1970.

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On 16 September 1974, the 3rd Tactical Fighter 3d Wing moved without personnel and equipment from Kunsan Air Base, South Korea to Clark Air Base, Philippines.

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The 3rd Tactical Fighter 3d Wing began preparing for the evacuation on 3 April 1975, by converting the base gym into a temporary orphan care center.

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The 3d Wing deployed six F-4Es to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey for Operation Desert Storm in early 1991, flying an 18,600-mile deployment.

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The 3rd 3d Wing provided a composite force that could be rapidly deployed worldwide, which it quickly began to prove.

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Today, the 3rd 3d Wing continues to grow in size and importance because of its strategic location and training facilities.

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