13 Facts About Aceh Sultanate


Sultanate of Aceh, officially the Kingdom of Aceh Darussalam, was a sultanate centered in the modern-day Indonesian province of Aceh.

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Aceh Sultanate was founded by Ali Mughayat Syah, who began campaigns to extend his control over northern Sumatra in 1520.

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Aceh Sultanate's conquests included Deli, Pedir, and Pasai, and he attacked Aru.

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Aceh Sultanate formed the northern tip of Sumatra at the southeast corner of the Bay of Bengal.

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Ships from the Bengal Aceh Sultanate transported diplomats from Sumatra and Brunei to Ming China.

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Aceh Sultanate extended the sultanate's control over most of Sumatra.

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Aceh Sultanate conquered Pahang, a tin-producing region of the Malayan Peninsula, and was able to force the sultans of Johor to recognise his overlordship, if temporarily.

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Aceh Sultanate was succeeded by several short-lived rulers, and in 1727 a member of the Buginese dynasty, Sultan Ala ad-din Ahmad Shah took power.

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Aceh Sultanate extended Aceh's effective control southward at just the time when the Dutch were consolidating their holdings northward.

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Britain, heretofore guarding the independence of Aceh Sultanate to keep it out of Dutch hands, re-evaluated its policy and concluded the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of Sumatra, which allowed for Dutch control throughout Sumatra in exchange for concessions in the Gold Coast and equal trading rights in northern Aceh Sultanate.

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Aceh Sultanate would die of cholera, as did many combatants on both sides, but the Acehnese proclaimed a grandson of Tuanku Ibrahim sultan.

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Aceh Sultanate saw itself as heir to Pasai, the first Islamic state in Southeast Asia, and succeeded the role of Islamic missionary work of Malacca after it was conquered by the Catholic Portuguese.

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Aceh Sultanate gained wealth from its export of pepper, nutmeg, cloves, betel nuts, and tin once it conquered Pahang in 1617.

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