26 Facts About Adam Werritty


Adam Werritty was born on 18 July 1978 and is a Scottish businessman.

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Adam Werritty lived for a period in 2002 and 2003 at Fox's London flat and was best man at his wedding in 2005.

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Adam Werritty was reportedly an adviser of Fox's and is known to have accompanied him on at least 18 foreign business trips between 2009 and 2011.

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Adam Werritty was appointed by Fox as the chief executive of the now disbanded conservative Atlanticist think-tank, "The Atlantic Bridge".

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Adam Werritty made visits to Fox at the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall on 22 occasions in 16 months; Werrity was not security-cleared with the MoD.

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Adam Werritty went to the University of Edinburgh to study public policy, becoming vice-president of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Students branch.

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Adam Werritty is a member of the Carlton Club and the Conservative Party.

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Adam Werritty was investigated by senior civil servants led by Cabinet Secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell.

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Amongst other findings, the report stated that the former defence secretary had blocked civil servants from attending key meetings where Adam Werritty was in attendance and had failed to tell his permanent secretary that he had solicited funds to bankroll Werritty, he had ignored private office requests to distance himself from the relationship.

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Adam Werritty's friendship with Liam Fox began in the late 1990s, when Fox was an Opposition Front Bench Spokesman on Scotland and Constitutional Affairs and when Werritty was studying public policy at Edinburgh University.

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On 10 October 2011 in a statement to the House of Commons, Liam Fox said that Adam Werritty worked as a paid intern in Fox's parliamentary office when the Conservative Party was in opposition and at this time had a Parliamentary pass.

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Fox said records showed Adam Werritty received a total payment of £5,800 for research work undertaken during that time.

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Adam Werritty lived in Fox's apartment in Southwark, London, during 2002 and 2003.

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In 2011, Adam Werritty stayed with Fox at a villa in Spain during an August holiday break at the climax of the 2011 Libyan civil war.

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In June 2011 Adam Werritty organised a business meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai.

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Adam Werritty had earlier been contacted by a lobbying firm known as Tetra Strategy, whom Boulter had hired at a rate of £10,000 per month, in an attempt to have Fox intervene in a Porton Group legal dispute that indirectly involved the MoD.

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Adam Werritty's initial meeting with Boulter in April 2011 led to discussions with Fox regarding the sale of a product called Cellcrypt.

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On 7 October 2011, The Guardian reported that Adam Werritty met senior Sri Lankan ministers on an official visit with Fox in summer 2011.

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Fox had previously claimed that Adam Werritty had never joined him on such trips but details relating to how frequently Adam Werritty was in his company while abroad later emerged.

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Adam Werritty provided Werritty with free office space at the headquarters of his £5bn CQS hedge fund and allowed both Fox and Werritty to use his private jet.

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Adam Werritty was involved in a number of secret meetings organised by Denis Macshane, involving himself and Matthew Gould, Britain's Ambassador to Israel, with the intention of enlisting British support for an Israeli attack on Iran.

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Adam Werritty distributed business cards that declared he was an "advisor to the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP" although Fox claims he requested him not to do so.

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Adam Werritty made visits to Fox at the MoD's HQ in Whitehall on 22 occasions in 16 months which led the Labour Party to request an inquiry into a possible national security breach.

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Adam Werritty was able to arrange access to the minister for private sector companies on matters where they could both see commercial gains, despite denials of any role as an adviser.

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Fox has claimed that Adam Werritty was not connected with backers of companies who wanted defence contracts but was instead funded by ideological backers.

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Adam Werritty was responsible for operating The Atlantic Bridge from Fox's office at taxpayers' expense.

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