29 Facts About Adelaide Oval

1. Adelaide Oval hosts numerous private hospitals in the city centre and suburbs.

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2. Adelaide Oval is home to the Great Southern Slam, the world's largest roller derby tournament.

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3. Adelaide Oval maintains a franchise in the Australian Baseball League, the Adelaide Bite.

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4. Adelaide Oval has two professional basketball teams, the men's team being the Adelaide 36ers which plays in the National Basketball League and the women's team, the Adelaide Lightning which plays in the Women's National Basketball League (WNBL).

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5. Adelaide Oval plays host to two of Australia's leading contemporary dance companies.

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6. Music of Adelaide Oval has produced musical groups and individuals who have achieved national and international fame.

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7. Adelaide Oval is home to the Adelaide Oval Christmas Pageant, the world's largest Christmas parade.

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8. The University of Adelaide Oval was ranked in the top 150 universities worldwide.

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9. Adelaide Oval is ageing more rapidly than other Australian capital cities.

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10. In 2006, the Ministry for the City of Adelaide Oval was created to facilitate the State Government's collaboration with the Adelaide City Council and the Lord Mayor to improve Adelaide's image.

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11. Adelaide Oval is a planned city, designed by the first Surveyor-General of South Australia, Colonel William Light.

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12. Adelaide Oval is north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, on the Adelaide Plains between the Gulf St Vincent and the low-lying Mount Lofty Ranges.

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13. Adelaide Oval hosted the Formula One Australian Grand Prix between 1985 and 1996 on a street circuit in the city's east parklands; it moved to Melbourne in 1996.

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14. Adelaide Oval was established as a planned colony of free immigrants, promising civil liberties and freedom from religious persecution, based upon the ideas of Edward Gibbon Wakefield.

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15. Adelaide Oval is north of the Fleurieu Peninsula, on the Adelaide Plains between the Gulf St Vincent and the low-lying Mount Lofty Ranges which surround the city.

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16. In June 2017, Adelaide Oval had an estimated resident population of 1,333,927.

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17. Adelaide Oval will house the Bradman Collection, an exhibition containing cricket memorabilia from 1927 to 1977, covering the entire life of the legendary cricketer, Donald Bradman, who made Adelaide his home.

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18. Adelaide Oval manages the bar and catering for the Adelaide Festival Centre, across the River Torrens.

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19. In 1997 Adelaide Oval got its own side in the much vaunted Super League competition with the Adelaide Rams.

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20. Adelaide Oval has regularly been host to large outdoor concerts.

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21. Adelaide Oval provides an array of functions throughout the year.

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22. Adelaide Oval grounds have maintained a long tradition of holding tennis tournaments.

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23. Adelaide Oval hosted two games of the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

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24. Adelaide Oval was the site of an international friendly match between the Socceroos and New Zealand on 5 June 2011.

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25. Adelaide Oval hosted the 1889 SAFA Grand Final, the first grand final in any Australian rules football competition after Port Adelaide and Norwood finished the 1889 SAFA season with the same win-loss-draw record.

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26. Adelaide Oval was the 6th venue in the world to host a test match, on 12 December 1884.

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27. Adelaide Oval is the home ground for the first-class South Australian state cricket team, The West End Southern Redbacks and Twenty20 cricket team, the Adelaide Strikers.

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28. In 2011, Adelaide Oval held its first Twenty20 International between Australia and England, a match which England won by 1 wicket.

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29. Adelaide Oval is a sports ground in Adelaide, South Australia, located in the parklands between the city centre and North Adelaide.

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