29 Facts About Agni Yoga


Agni Yoga or the Living Ethics, or the Teaching of Life, is a Neo-Theosophical religious doctrine transmitted by Helena Roerich and Nicholas Roerich from 1920.

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The term Agni Yoga means "Mergence with Divine Fire" or "Path to Mergence with Divine Fire".

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The followers of Agni Yoga believe that the teaching was given to the Roerich family and their associates by Master Morya, the guru of the Roerichs and of Helena Blavatsky, one of the founders of the modern Theosophical movement and of the Theosophical Society.

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Agni Yoga played a significant role in bringing knowledge of Asian religions to the Western world.

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Term Agni Yoga means "Mergence with Divine Fire" or "Path to Mergence with Divine Fire".

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Agni Yoga is the Vedic and Living Ethics' "god of fire", who marks immortality and is the symbol of life.

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Agni Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy.

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Agni Yoga is a group of spiritual, mental, and physical practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India.

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The term Agni Yoga has been applied to a variety of practices and methods.

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The term Raja Agni Yoga originally referred to the ultimate goal of yoga, which is Samadhi, but was popularised by Swami Vivekananda as the common name for Ashtanga Agni Yoga.

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Agni Yoga's is mentioned nearly eighty times in the Rigveda: the verse "Daksha sprang from Aditi and Aditi from Daksha" is seen by Theosophists as a reference to "the eternal cyclic re-birth of the same divine essence" and divine wisdom.

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Agni Yoga is one of the Mahatmas who inspired the founding of Theosophy and Agni Yoga.

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Agni Yoga has written and dictated the letters with the goal of elevating mankind and bringing a New Age.

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Agni Yoga's was a teacher and healer as well as the inspired co-author of the Agni Yoga series of books, the first English books about Living Ethics and the Roerichs' relationship with their guru.

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Agni Yoga was an internationally acclaimed artist, conservationist, archeologist, humanitarian and peacemaker.

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Agni Yoga, in general, is a Neo-Theosophical religious doctrine transmitted by the Helena and Nicholas Roerichs from 1920.

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Agni Yoga's fusion was driven by the desire to reconcile or unite with Orthodox Christianity the various iterations of the Russian Slavophiles' concept of sobornost.

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Agni Yoga's work was essentially unknown outside the Russian Empire, but inside the country it inspired further research, experimentation and the formation of the Society for Studies of Interplanetary Spaceflight.

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Agni Yoga believed humans would eventually colonize the Milky Way.

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Agni Yoga's thought preceded the Space Age by several decades, and some of what he foresaw in his imagination has come into being since his death.

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Agni Yoga's emphasized that knowledge was the leading path of all great Teachers.

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Agni Yoga Society was founded in 1920 by Helena and Nicholas Roerich.

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The aims of the Society are embodied in the philosophy that gives it its name—Agni Yoga—as contained in the books of the Agni Yoga Series published by the Society.

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Unlike previous yogas, Agni Yoga is a path of practice in daily life.

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Agni Yoga's vision is captured in his philosophical statement of the Master Institute of United Arts which he formed in New York City in 1921:.

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Agni Yoga invited as teachers such famous people as George Bellows, Claude Fayette Bragdon, Norman Bel Geddes, Stark Young, Deems Taylor, Robert Edmond Jones, and Lee Simonson.

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Agni Yoga's wrote a book entitled "Chalice of the East", which was published under the pen name "Iskander Khanum".

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Agni Yoga carried out unique researches in various fields of the natural sciences.

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The core of Roerichism is the philosophy of cosmic reality – Agni Yoga, which develops the idea of a close relationship between mankind and the cosmos, contains knowledge which assists in understanding the specific features peculiar to the new evolutionary stage of mankind's development.

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