12 Facts About Aguascalientes City


The city of Aguascalientes is known for the San Marcos Fair, the largest fair celebrated in Mexico and one of the largest in Latin America.

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Aguascalientes City'storical center of Aguascalientes was born out of four distinct neighborhoods.

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People from Aguascalientes are known by the whimsical demonym or "hydrothermal" people.

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Aguascalientes City is home to two large Nissan manufacturing plants, including the most important outside of Japan.

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Texas Instruments has one plant in Aguascalientes City, which is dedicated to integrated circuitry manufacturing.

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Aguascalientes City is known as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Mexico.

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City of Aguascalientes is made up of four traditional neighborhoods, all of which grew up around the central Plaza de la Patria; Guadalupe, San Marcos, El Encino and La Estacion.

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Aguascalientes City is home to some of the country's leading provincial theaters.

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Club de Futbol Gallos Hidrocalidos de Aguascalientes City was a football club from Aguascalientes City, Mexico.

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Gallos de Aguascalientes was then sold to Chivas, which changed its name to F C Tapatio de Guadalajara, affiliated to Chivas.

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Aguascalientes City is home to the soccer team Club Necaxa, which plays in Mexican first division.

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The club left Mexico City and relocated to Aguascalientes following the 2003 opening of Estadio Victoria, which is the club's home venue and one of the best stadiums in the country.

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