6 Facts About Ajax

1. On September 23, 1944 Ajax was awarded the Maritime "M" Pennant for its production of engines for the Victory ships.

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2. In 1920, Ajax introduced a line of twin cylinder steam drilling engines.

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3. In 2016, Ajax launched an eSports team, with Koen Weijland as the clubs first signing, making their debut on the Global stage of professional gaming.

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4. In 1996, Ajax moved to a new home ground in the southeast of the city known as the Amsterdam Arena, since 2018 known as the Johan Cruyff Arena.

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5. Under the management of Louis van Gaal, Ajax won the UEFA Cup in 1992 to become the second club, after Juventus, to have won all three major European club competitions.

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6. In 1995, Ajax was crowned as World Team of the Year by World Soccer magazine.

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