20 Facts About Akamai


Akamai Technologies, Inc is an American content delivery network, cybersecurity, and cloud service company, providing web and Internet security services.

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Akamai operates a network of servers worldwide and rents capacity on these servers to customers who want their websites to work faster by distributing content from locations near the user.

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Akamai's mapping system assigns each user to a proximal edge server using sophisticated algorithms such as stable matching and consistent hashing, enabling more reliable and faster web downloads.

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Akamai Technologies entered the 1998 MIT $50K competition with a business proposition based on their research on consistent hashing, and were selected as one of the finalists.

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Akamai re-established the role of chief technology officer and that Robert Blumofe would serve in that role.

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Akamai started in Technology Square and later expanded to multiple buildings in Cambridge Center.

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Akamai Intelligent Platform is a distributed cloud computing platform that operates worldwide.

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Each Akamai server is equipped with proprietary software that uses complex algorithms to process requests from nearby users, then serve the requested content.

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Akamai delivers web content over its Intelligent Platform by transparently mirroring elements such as HTML, CSS, software downloads, and media objects from customers' servers.

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The Akamai server is automatically chosen depending on the type of content and the user's network location.

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State of the Internet report is a quarterly report Akamai releases based on data gathered from its Intelligent Platform, which provides global Internet statistics such as connection speed, broadband adoption, attack traffic, network connectivity, and mobile connectivity.

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Akamai offers the Internet Visualization application, which allows users to view real-time data on their mobile device.

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Akamai Technologies owns about 60 other domains, but the primary domains it uses include:.

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In September 1999, Microsoft and Akamai formed a strategic relationship to incorporate Windows Media technology in Akamai's FreeFlow service, as well as to facilitate the porting of the FreeFlow product to the Windows platform; this relationship exists to this day.

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In June 2008, The NewsMarket teamed with Akamai to accelerate dynamic content and applications to global media ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

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Akamai provided streaming services to ESPN Star during the course of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

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One of Akamai's patents covers delivering electronic data using a CDN.

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Internet Web site proprietors contract with Akamai to deliver their Web sites' content to individual Internet users.

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Under the interpretation of patent law, when Akamai decided to sue Limelight for patent infringement, a method patent could be infringed upon only when a single actor performed all the steps.

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Akamai initially lost the case, even taking it to the Supreme Court.

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