62 Facts About Alastair Campbell

1. Alastair Campbell was created on, may 25, 1957 in Keighley, Yorkshire, Britain as Alastair John Campbell.

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2. Alastair Campbell was appointed a chairman of selectors in 2009 and he picked Zimbabwe's first team on their return to Test cricket in 2011.

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3. In 1994, against Sri Lanka at Harare, Alastair Campbell was dismissed for 99.

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4. Alastair Campbell was appointed the Zimbabwean skipper in 1996, and he led the side for a good three years, till November 1999.

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5. Alastair Campbell made his First-Class debut at Harare in October 1990, at the age of 18.

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6. Alastair Campbell went to Lilfordia Primary School, a school run by his family.

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7. Alastair Campbell was urged by many Labour colleagues to tell Brown to his face that he was not capable and to stand down and make way for someone else.

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8. Alastair Campbell records the extraordinary aftermath when a devastated Brown calls him to his 14th floor suite in Manchester, where he was supposed to be preparing for the third and final TV debate, and witnesses a rage unlike anything he has ever seen.

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9. Alastair Campbell created a Strategic Communications Unit which gave Downing Street the power to co-ordinate all government activity, using what became known as "the grid" as its main apparatus.

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10. Alastair Campbell successfully took his team to the Super Six stage of 1999 cricket world cup.

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11. Alastair Campbell presented and narrated the 20 February 2012 edition of BBC current affairs programme Panorama, which was entitled "Britain's Hidden Alcoholics".

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12. Alastair Campbell worked again for the Labour Party in the run-up to the May 2005 general election.

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13. Alastair Campbell was admitted to hospital in 1986 when he travelled to Scotland to cover Neil Kinnock's visit to Glasgow.

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14. Alastair Campbell demanded, in vain, a retraction and apology from the BBC.

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15. In 2005, Alastair Campbell was played by Jonathan Cake in the Channel 4 television film The Government Inspector, based on the David Kelly Case.

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16. Alastair Campbell persuaded celebrities as varied as Gary Lineker, Patrick Kielty and Delia Smith, all of whom addressed the rally, and singer Olly Alexander and broadcasters Richard Bacon and Mariella Frostrup, who compered the event, to take part.

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17. Alastair Campbell persuaded almost 50 celebrities, including Ian McEwan, Patrick Stewart and Steve Coogan to fund a coach sponsorship scheme to help people travel from around the country for free.

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18. In 2018 Alastair Campbell became part of the top table team at the People's Vote campaign fighting for a referendum on the Brexit deal.

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19. Alastair Campbell stated immediately after the UK's referendum on membership to the European Union in June 2016 that he thought it was 'The worst decision Britain had made in his lifetime' and would do what he could to change people's minds.

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20. Alastair Campbell is a well-known atheist, and his statement 'we don't do God' one of his most repeated soundbites.

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21. In December 2017, a musical project Alastair Campbell was involved in won the Community Award at the 'Na Trads' traditional Scottish music awards.

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22. Alastair Campbell used the event and a number of high-profile French media interviews to urge the French to be patient with the United Kingdom, and give them a chance to change course and reverse Brexit.

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23. Alastair Campbell continues to act as a freelance advisor to a number of governments and political parties including Edi Rama Prime Minister of Albania, whose Socialist coalition won a landslide at the 2013 Albanian election.

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24. Alastair Campbell is a sought-after public speaker in the UK, the United States and Europe, giving his insights and experience to a wide range of organisations, businesses and conferences.

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25. Alastair Campbell acts as an ambassador for a number of mental health charities including Time to Change, Mind and Alcohol Concern.

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26. In 2017, Alastair Campbell took part in the Mental Health Foundation's takeover of Channel Four for Mental Health Awareness Week, acting as a celebrity continuity announcer.

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27. Alastair Campbell is an occasional presenter for LBC radio, and hit the headlines when his daughter Grace called into a debate on feminism to challenge Campbell's feminist credentials.

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28. In May 2012, Alastair Campbell took a role at PR agency Portland Communications, at the invitation of Tim Allan, a former adviser to Tony Blair.

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29. Alastair Campbell presented and narrated the edition of 20 February 2012 of BBC current affairs programme Panorama, which was entitled "Britain's Hidden Alcoholics".

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30. In 2011, Alastair Campbell contacted the Metropolitan Police with suspicions that his phone was hacked by the News of the World in 2003.

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31. Alastair Campbell took part in the 2011 Channel Four television series Jamie's Dream School.

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32. Alastair Campbell appeared on BBC's Top Gear in July 2010 where he was booed by the audience but set a time of 1:47 around the Top Gear test track in the Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment.

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33. Alastair Campbell made his first appearance on the BBC One political discussion programme Question Time on 27 May 2010.

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34. Alastair Campbell appeared as a mentor in the BBC Two series The Speaker in April 2009 offering his advice on persuasive speaking.

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35. Alastair Campbell has written a novel on the subject entitled All in the Mind.

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36. Alastair Campbell uses these platforms to discuss British politics and other topics close to his heart.

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37. In 2006 and 2007, Alastair Campbell took part in Soccer Aid as part of the Rest of the World team.

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38. Alastair Campbell expressed an intention to one day publish the diaries in fuller form, and indicated in the introduction to the book that he did not wish to make matters harder for Brown in his new role as Prime Minister, or to damage the Labour Party.

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39. Alastair Campbell wrote a column for The Times during the tour.

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40. Alastair Campbell acted as an adviser to Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband at the 2010 and the 2015 general elections.

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41. Alastair Campbell worked again for the Labour Party as Campaign Director in the run-up to their third consecutive victory at the 2005 general election.

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42. Alastair Campbell gave evidence to the Iraq Inquiry on 12 January 2011.

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43. Alastair Campbell was sponsored by US President George W Bush to complete the London Marathon in aid of leukaemia research charity, Bloodwise.

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44. Alastair Campbell put Downing Street briefings on record for the first time, and though he was only identified as "The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman", he became one of the most high profile and written about figures in British politics, earning the epithet "the real deputy Prime Minister".

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45. Alastair Campbell created a Strategic Communications Unit which gave Downing Street the power to co-ordinate all government activity, using what became known as "the grid" as it's main apparatus.

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46. Alastair Campbell persuaded Cabinet Secretary Sir Robin Butler that government communications had to be modernised, and the government set up the Mountfield Review.

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47. Alastair Campbell moved into government when Labour won the general election in May 1997 and served as the Prime Minister's chief press secretary until 2000.

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48. Alastair Campbell played an important role in the run-up to the 1997 general election, working with Peter Mandelson to co-ordinate Labour's election campaign.

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49. Alastair Campbell wrote the speech that led to the party's review of Clause Four and the birth of "New Labour".

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50. Alastair Campbell was a close adviser of Neil Kinnock, going on holiday with the Kinnocks, and worked closely with Robert Maxwell.

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51. Alastair Campbell eventually cooperated with treatment from his family doctor.

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52. In 1982 Alastair Campbell moved to the London office of the Daily Mirror, Fleet Street's sole remaining big-circulation supporter of the Labour Party.

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53. Alastair Campbell has talked extensively about how Donald, the Principal's official bagpiper at Glasgow University and a competitor in high-level Piobaireachd competitions, had inspired him to fight for better mental health services and understanding, and to become the ambassador for several mental health charities.

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54. Alastair Campbell spent a year teaching in a secondary school in the south of France as part of his academic degree course.

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55. Alastair Campbell was one of the founders of the University College of Football Business, based at Burnley FC's stadium.

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56. Alastair Campbell is regularly involved in events with the club.

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57. Alastair Campbell is known for his famously biased commentaries for Burnley FC's Clarets Player website.

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58. Alastair Campbell is a lifelong supporter of Burnley Football Club and writes about their exploits in a column called "Turf Moor Diaries" for the FanHouse UK football blog.

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59. Alastair Campbell would go over the county border to Lancashire to watch Burnley FC.

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60. Alastair Campbell was born on 25 May 1957 in Keighley, West Riding of Yorkshire, son of a Scottish veterinary surgeon, Donald Campbell, and his wife Elizabeth.

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61. Alastair Campbell continues to act as a consultant strategist and as an ambassador for Time To Change and other mental health charities.

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62. Alastair Campbell is editor at large of The New European and chief interviewer for GQ magazine.

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