17 Facts About Albert Marre


Albert Marre was an American stage director and producer.

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Albert Marre directed the stage musical Man of La Mancha in 1965, for which he won the Tony Award for Best Director of a Musical.

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Albert Marre was born in New York City as Albert Elliot Moshinsky.

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Albert Marre enlisted in the United States Navy Reserve where he was initially held the rank of Seaman Apprentice.

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Albert Marre attended the Naval Oriental Language School in Boulder, Colorado and then deployed to Berlin.

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Albert Marre directed Kismet on Broadway in 1954, for which he received the 1954 Donaldson Award for Best Director of a Musical.

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Diener and Albert Marre married in 1956, the same year he was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Director for The Chalk Garden.

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In 1957, Albert Marre directed the Jean Anouilh play, Time Remembered on Broadway, which starred Helen Hayes, Richard Burton, Susan Strasberg and Sig Arno.

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Albert Marre directed a production of At the Grand, a musical version of Vicki Baum's 1930 novel, Grand Hotel, in Los Angeles in 1958, with Marre's wife, Joan Diener, as the opera diva who falls in love with a charming, but larcenous, faux baron.

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Albert Marre returned to New York where he directed Jerry Herman's first Broadway musical, Milk and Honey in 1961, nominated for five Tony Awards including Best Musical.

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Albert Marre directed a revival of Shaw's little-known Too True to Be Good, on Broadway in 1963, with an all-star cast that included Lillian Gish, Cyril Ritchard, Glynis Johns and David Wayne.

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Albert Marre went on to direct numerous national and international productions of the hit musical, as well as the Broadway revivals in 1972,1977, and 1992.

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Albert Marre was signed to direct the screen version but was replaced first by Peter Glenville, and ultimately by Arthur Hiller, in favor of a more experienced film director.

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Albert Marre directed two versions of Chu Chem, a musical by Leigh, Ted Allan, Jim Haines and Jack Wohl.

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In 1948, Albert Marre was one of the co-founders of the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the country's first classical repertory companies, which yielded five years of classics and new plays, many of which moved on to subsequent New York productions.

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Albert Marre was an active director in both London and Los Angeles, particularly for Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Company, where he directed many major star-studded revivals including Burt Lancaster in Knickerbocker Holiday.

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In 2009, Albert Marre married actress-lyricist Mimi Turque, to whom he remained wed until his death three years later.

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