23 Facts About Alex Wilder


Alex Wilder is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Alex Wilder was portrayed by Rhenzy Feliz in the Hulu television series Runaways which is connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Alex Wilder was created by author Brian K Vaughan and artist Adrian Alphona where debuted in Runaways vol.

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Alex Wilder is the team's de facto leader in the title's first volume.

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Unlike the rest of the team, Alex Wilder does not possess powers of any kind but is a child prodigy in the fields of logic and strategy.

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Alex Wilder eventually reveals that he is the parents' mole, and meets his demise when he is blown into ashes by the Gibborim.

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Alex Wilder is the first character to be introduced in the series.

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Alex Wilder then obtains the Yorkes' copy of The Abstract, a magical book that records the past, present, and future deeds of the Pride.

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Alex Wilder spends most of his time deciphering the Abstract, presumably plotting how he will carry out his plan to save his parents from the Dean and Hayes couples.

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Alex Wilder determines the location for the yearly sacrificial rite and convinces the Runaways that the rite would be the best place to launch an assault.

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Alex Wilder reveals that he'd known about the Pride for over a year and had learned about the Pride's secret previously.

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Alex Wilder then reveals that the Deans and Hayeses had plotted to kill all the human members of the Pride, and take the six seats in paradise for themselves and their daughters.

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When Molly awakens, she destroys the Gibborim's newest sacrifice; when the Gibborim arrive, Alex Wilder takes full responsibility in place of his father for the soul being gone.

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Alex Wilder was the intended subject of two resurrection spells in the series' second volume.

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Alex Wilder says it didn't work because "even the Staff of One has its limits".

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When that series ended, Alex Wilder told her that he was bound to Hellstrom and joined the super-villainous team, Young Masters.

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In that book, Alex Wilder set up shop in Harlem, attempting to restart the Pride by using mystical software to wipe out villains' police records and even spreading a demon drug called Redemption.

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Alex Wilder has a high-level intellect, being in the gifted area in accordance with Marvel's Power Grid, and is a skilled logician and leader.

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Alex Wilder did not think very highly of Nico in the years before the series' beginning, but changes upon seeing Nico for the first time in her new goth wardrobe and contact lenses, volume one, issue one.

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However, despite the betrayal, Nico demonstrates willingness to forgive when she unsuccessfully tries to resurrect Alex Wilder, and states that even though Alex Wilder was a traitor, he did not deserve death.

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Alex Wilder explains in volume two, issue twenty-four, that he committed all of his evil actions to gain his father's approval and love, two things Geoffrey never explicitly demonstrated to Alex Wilder during the series.

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In volume five, issue thirteen, Alex Wilder reemerged at the Hostel and reemphasized his decision to trade all of humanity, including his friends, to make his family immortal was based out of loyalty and protection for his parents.

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Alex Wilder tried to explain he was not trying to kill the Runaways but trying to save his parents lives and make his dad proud.

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