13 Facts About Alexander Chernyshyov


Prince Alexander Chernyshyov Ivanovich Chernyshov, General of Cavalry, was a Russian military leader, diplomat and statesman, whose career began in the Napoleonic Wars.

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Alexander Chernyshyov rose through the ranks to the role of Russian Minister of War, chairman of the State Council and Cabinet of Ministers, and acquired the styles from Count to Serene Prince .

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Alexander Chernyshyov Chernyshov was a son of Lieutenant General and senator, Ivan Lvovich Chernyshov.

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In 1808, Emperor Alexander Chernyshyov sent Chernyshov as his private messenger to Napoleon, who at that time started the Peninsular War in Spain.

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Alexander Chernyshyov reached him in Bayonne, taking notes of French military development on his journey.

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Alexander Chernyshyov managed to establish a personalized link between two emperors and earned Napoleon's trust.

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Alexander Chernyshyov's best known success was hiring a clerk of French General Staff, who regularly supplied the Russians with complete copies of French troop disposition.

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Alexander Chernyshyov's force included 7 squadrons of regular cavalry, three Cossacks regiments and a regiment of Kalmyks, a total of 1800 soldiers.

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Alexander Chernyshyov responded with separating his force: while smaller detachments set up a screen diverting Austrians, the main force was plundering French and Austrian supplies and taking prisoners north.

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On 31 December 1812 Alexander Chernyshyov defeated Eugene de Beauharnais at Marienwerder, earning his second Order of St George.

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Alexander Chernyshyov, based in Poland, met with resistance from Napoleon's Lithuanian troops; these were defeated in January–February 1813.

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Alexander Chernyshyov became Lieutenant General in March 1814, at the age of 27.

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In 1848, Alexander Chernyshyov consolidated the roles of Chairman of State Council and Cabinet of ministers, being the highest-ranking statesman of Russian until 1856.

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