26 Facts About Allis-Chalmers


Allis-Chalmers was a U S manufacturer of machinery for various industries.

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In 1903, Allis-Chalmers acquired the Bullock Electric Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, which added steam turbines to Allis-Chalmers's powerplant equipment business line.

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Buescher, who worked under Merritt, credited Merritt with turning around Allis-Chalmers's ailing farm equipment business and transforming it into the main profit center for the parent corporation.

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In 1928, Allis-Chalmers acquired the Monarch Tractor Company of Springfield, Illinois, thus adding a line of crawler tractors.

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Allis-Chalmers soon changed the paint color of Allis-Chalmers's tractors to Persian Orange, the available paint color that he felt most closely resembled the California poppy's color.

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In 1932, Allis-Chalmers collaborated with Firestone to introduce pneumatic rubber tires to tractors.

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Also in 1932, Allis-Chalmers acquired the Ryan Manufacturing Company, which added various grader models to its construction equipment line.

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In 1933, Allis-Chalmers introduced its Model WC, its first-generation row-crop tractor, which would become its highest-selling tractor ever.

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In October 1937, Allis-Chalmers was one of fourteen major electrical manufacturing companies that went to court to change the way labor unions excluded contractors and products in the building trades through the union use of the "Men and Means Clause".

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Allis-Chalmers was one of many firms contracted to build equipment for the Manhattan Project.

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Allis-Chalmers ranked 45th among United States corporations in the value of wartime military production contracts.

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Allis-Chalmers dealers did not hesitate to sell to these farmers so many farms to this day still have an Allis-Chalmers tractor in Oregon.

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In 1953, Allis-Chalmers acquired the Buda Engine Company of Harvey, Illinois.

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In Haycraft's history of the construction equipment business, he expressed the view that Allis-Chalmers relied too heavily for too long on partnering with auxiliary equipment suppliers, and acquiring them, instead of investing in in-house product development.

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In 1965, Allis-Chalmers acquired Simplicity for its line of lawn and garden equipment.

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Allis-Chalmers was often number three or four, as Deere and International Harvester led in farm machinery, Caterpillar and Case led in construction, and Westinghouse and General Electric led in heavy electric markets.

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In 1960, Allis-Chalmers built the first grate-kiln ore pellet plant at the Humboldt mine in Michigan.

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In 1977, to compete in the recently expanding market segment of compact diesel utility tractors, Allis-Chalmers began importing Hinomoto tractors with Toyosha diesel engines from Japan.

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In 1983, Allis-Chalmers sold Simplicity, the lawn and garden equipment division, to the division's management.

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In 1988, Allis-Chalmers sold its American Air Filter filtration business for approximately $225 million to SnyderGeneral Corporation of Dallas, a leading global air quality control firm.

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Allis-Chalmers offered a complete line of agricultural machinery, from tillage and harvesting to tractors.

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In 1959, a team led by Harry Ihrig built a 15kW fuel cell tractor for Allis-Chalmers which was demonstrated across the US at state fairs.

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Allis-Chalmers originally developed their pull-type "all-crop harvester" as their solution for growers to harvest their crops beginning in 1933.

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Allis-Chalmers produced a line of substation transformers, voltage regulators, and distribution transformers.

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In 1965, Allis-Chalmers built "Big Allis, " or Ravenswood No 3, the biggest generator in New York.

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Allis-Chalmers provides services and equipment to oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, both domestically and internationally.

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