15 Facts About Altair Engineering


Altair Engineering Inc is an American multinational information technology company headquartered in Troy, Michigan.

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Altair Engineering is the creator of the HyperWorks CAE software product, among numerous other software packages and suites.

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Altair Engineering was founded in 1985 by James R Scapa, George Christ, and Mark Kistner in Troy, Michigan.

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In 2002, Altair Engineering software aided in the design of the Airbus A380 by weight optimizing the aircraft wing ribs.

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Also in 2002, Altair Engineering opened offices in Seongnam, South Korea and Shanghai, China, adding those locales to its international footprint alongside India where it had begun investment in 1992.

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Also in 2004, Altair Engineering partnered with General Motors and the United States Department of Defense on the design and construction of a new military vehicle.

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Altair Engineering branched out into the life sciences, finance, and pharmaceutical industries with its high performance computing software, PBS Professional, which it had acquired the rights to in 2003.

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In June 2006, Altair Engineering acquired the French CAE software company, Mecalog, and its Radioss technology suite.

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Altair Engineering raised $156 million with share prices starting at $13.

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Altair Engineering then made its products available to qualified startup companies through its Startup Program, formed in 2018 and relaunched in 2021.

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In January 2021, Altair Engineering announced that it would collaborate with Rolls-Royce Holdings on a project using AI and machine learning to improve the aero jet engine design process.

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That same month, Altair Engineering was included on Inc Magazine's 2021 Best-Led Companies list.

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Altair Engineering develops and provides software and cloud services for product development, high-performance computing, simulation, artificial intelligence, and data intelligence.

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Altair Engineering offers its customers access to software applications from over 55 different software companies through its Altair Partner Alliance.

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Since 1985, Altair Engineering has acquired over 30 businesses, business units, and software packages.

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