12 Facts About AM General


AM General is an American heavy vehicle and contract automotive manufacturer based in South Bend, Indiana.

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In 1992, AM General was sold to Renco Group, which in 2002 converted it to a limited liability company.

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In 1984 AM General built a separate factory at 13200 McKinley Hwy in Mishawaka for HMMWV production.

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In 1992 AM General began marketing the HMMWV to the civilian market under the Hummer brand.

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In May 2010, Azure Dynamics announced it had chosen AM General to assemble its electric drivetrain for Ford Transit Connect vehicles for the North American market at its Livonia, Michigan, factory.

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In September 2013, AM General reached an agreement to purchase the United States Department of Energy's secured loan to the Vehicle Production Group.

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AM General submitted a prototype to become the United States Postal Service's Next Generation Delivery Vehicle, but their entry was not chosen.

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The Metropolitan was built under a 1971 agreement with Flyer Industries of Winnipeg, Manitoba; AM General licensed the rights to build and market the Western Flyer D700 for the US market.

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In 1979, AM General began preliminary design work on the M998 Series High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle, a 1.

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Late in 2000, AM General was awarded another contract for 2,962 M998A2 series trucks.

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AM General was unsuccessful in its bid for this $30-billion 25-year contract, and it is focused on military Humvee support and development of a new ambulance model.

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In 2005, AM General was contracted to take over militarization, sales, and marketing of LSSV vehicles.

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