24 Facts About Ford Transit


Ford Transit is a family of light commercial vehicles manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 1965, primarily as a cargo van, but available in other configurations including a large passenger van, cutaway van chassis, and a pickup truck.

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Predecessor of the British and German-built Transit, the first production Ford to wear the "Transit" badge was a van built in Ford's Cologne plant in Germany.

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Just as Ford Transit had to comply with the type restrictions of the Schell-Plan, which were introduced in March 1939 in anticipation of the war.

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In 1961, Ford Transit discontinued the entire truck production in Germany and took the FK brand off the market due to serious defects and therefore strongly decreasing demand.

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Under parent's dictate, Ford of Britain and Ford-Werke AG started the "Redcap-Project" in the commercial vehicle sector in 1963, from which the Ford Transit was launched in 1965, based on a new unified platform.

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Ford Transit forced the standardization of platforms and even model-names overall European market under the Ford Transit brand and logo.

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Ford's own historical look back at Transit production, published for the launch of the 1994 model, avoids the issue by referring to generations of Transit by years produced.

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Ford Transit switched to a front-engined configuration, as did Bedford with their well-regarded CA series vans in the 1950s.

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Ford Transit was a departure from the European commercial vehicles of the day with its American-inspired styling—its broad track gave it a huge advantage in carrying capacity over comparable vehicles of the day.

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Ford Transit was assembled in South Africa between 1967 and 1974, the last Ford Transit to be sold in that country until 2013, when a fully imported model was introduced.

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In late 1982 the well-equipped Ford Transit Ghia was introduced to some markets, only as a nine-seater bus.

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The SIRA Ford Transit used a Sinpar transfer case and other parts, and was available with the 2-liter petrol four or the 2.

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In Europe the VE83 Ford Transit was available up to 2000, but in Vietnam it was built up to 2003 when it was exchanged in June for the new generation.

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Over its Ford Transit predecessor produced from 1986 to 2000, JMC made 70 major updates to the design.

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Five millionth Ford Transit rolled off the Southampton line on Monday, 18 July 2005 and was donated to an English charity.

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Third-generation Transit received a facelift to the body, introduced in August 2005, including new front and rear lights, a new front end and a new interior featuring the gearstick on the dashboard and Ford's new corporate radio design.

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Ford Transit SuperSportVan was a one-off, high-performance version of the third-gen Transit built by Ford Europe.

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Third-generation Ford Transit commenced production in China in 2008 for the 2009 model year.

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Fourth-generation Ford Transit was launched in January 2013 at the 2013 North American International Auto Show.

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Fourth-generation Ford Transit was the first version to be offered for sale in the United States and Canada, replacing the E-Series passenger cargo and passenger van .

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Fourth-generation Ford Transit is offered in a rear-wheel drive powertrain layout; the front-wheel drive version of the previous generation has been replaced by the Ford Transit Custom.

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Production in the Americas, the Ford Transit was offered with higher-displacement gasoline engines .

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The 2020 Ford Transit adopted power-sliding doors and dual sliding doors as options.

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The conversion used a Dana 44F front axle and a NP208 transfer box, both lifted from the Ford Bronco, coupled to the regular Transit engine, gearbox and rear axle using three custom propshafts.

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